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Clarification about Ask for Non RTI Support. kindly don't mind i have a doubt and I want to clarify it.



Honorable members,


I have a one doubt about this app when I want any help or advice from respected members when i was posting my Issue it shows (1) ASK FOR RTI SUPPORT (2) ASK FOR NON RTI SUPPORT.


With above mentioned 2nd topic ASK FOR NON RTI SUPPORT Can I post any matter which relates to non RTI .


The reasons for raising this question I know about RTI not perfect about first appeals and second appeals , complaints etc.. after joining this forum I have gained a lot of knowledge about RTI thanks to all respected members those who are providing and guiding to appliants to file application under RTI.


If the really ASK FOR NON RTI SUPPORT works and will provides the permission to file the post which wasn't related to RTI iam very happy , Kindly calrify the doubt , please don't mind for raising the question of mine, just I wanted to follow the rules and regulations of this forum. where can file our issues, experience, and have guidance from respected members.


Thanking youScreenshot_2018-07-24-00-20-01-733_com.vbulletin.build_890.png.4933b4263b4278eb2b22aaf2565991c7.png







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Prasad GLN

The simple answer is it is sure that you can get full support and authentic guidance on RTI matters for certain, as the forum is dedicated exclusively for guidance on RTI matters..

For non RTI matters ,  you may receive guidance, which may not be authentic and may be as First Aid in case of severe accidents.

If it is concerned with a public authority, even non rti matters can be converted to RTI.  

Edited by Prasad GLN
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