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Treasury office Krishnagiri



Dear Sir,

I am  from Bangalore. I am JBC.

Madam Kavinayan is helping me write on my behalf as I am not so well versed using computer.

I went to provide the death certificate to the Taluk Treasury office in Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu in the last week of August after my sister's demise on August 10th 2018. We made an initial visit on August 17th to know the documents that to be submitted. My sister was working in a Govt School and Rtd as a Head Mistress and was a pensioner.

We requested for freeze the pension a day after the death (one of our relatives personally went to Treasury office and informed) and also I being the sole  nominee for my sister's account requested for the final rituals amount of 50,000/- to my account and also the pending pension and gave all the required papers. My sister was a State Govt Employee and an amount for final rights is given by the TN Govt we were told by the teacher's association. 

I am a resident of Bangalore, Karnataka and I was told that any MICR outside Tamil Nadu will not be agreed  as adding a new MICR is not a process that is followed by our esteemed treasury office, Krishnagiri TN, which was a surprise to us. NEFT is all over India but to our surprise we were told that this department functions differently.

When I am not a resident of Tamil Nadu how can I get a bank account there as I do not have a permanent address in that state or district. I am ajoin account holder in one of the Co Operative bank accounts in Krishnagiri along with my sister but they told me MICR of LVB, or Indian Bank or Karur Vysya Bank will be acceptable. 

With great difficulty we opened a bank account in Lakshmi Vilas Bank (LVB)in Krishnagiri, TN  as Treasury office systems showed LVB was an acceptable bank and since I had an account in LVB Bangalore I requested to have a branch account in Krishnagiri and they agreed and opened a new account in LVB Krishnagiri, TN.and I have submitted the documents for the second time to the treasury office.

Now, I am told that LVB is also not acceptable and only Indian Bank Tamil Nadu branches  will be permitted and I have to open a bank account in Indian bank or the process will not be proceeded from Krishnagiri to Chennai.

We spoke to so many people who have received this amount in my late sister's teacher's community, everyone has received even to Lakshmi Vilas Bank. Why is that I am being dragged up and down at this age of 82? If the MICR is not added intheir system is it not as easy as adding it Why is that Krishnagiri treasury office returning the documents to us without further processing to Chennai?

Please let me know who to approach I have already traveled 3 times for this and I have an ill health and unable to go up and down for this over and again and I am 82.

Who should I contact for this? The treasury office of Krishnagiri simply say they cannot process if is not Indian Bank or Karur Vysya bank of Tamil nadu and they cannot do NEFT to any other banks as NEFT registering is not a process that they follow and they do not encourage people to come up with new MICRs.


I told then I will approach Collector or RTI, they said yes at this age be prepared to run and we will ensure you will run up and down.

They also tell me, that send it by register post as we are sure we will not process it and you can go to a lawyer or a District Collector and have these documents for legal purposes or we will also see what RTI can do to us. 

Are they saying that do what ever I will not process your document and be prepared to pay for legal or run to Collector's offices? 

Please help me! Who should I contact is there an email ID or phone number.

Thanks in advance, 


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Prasad GLN

This is the most horrible and serious affair, and I hope that any of our members from Krishnagiri may respond and extend his helping hand to an 82-year-old lady who has to travel from Bangalore to Krishnagiri for routine matters. Denying such funeral expenses even after six months defeats the very purpose of introducing such welfare step.

To Member/

Immediately file RTI Application to State Public Information Officer, Treasury dept, Krishnagiri seeking information under Life or Liberty clause as follows:

Information solicited:

1)Please provide me the copy of laid down norms/orders/circulars on the process to be followed for disbursing dependant/nominee  pension on the death of real pensioner (pending pension) and 

2.The laid down procedure for payment of compassionate amount towards rituals to the dependant.

(There is a prescribed format of application for TN and you can find out from the website of District Treasury, Krishnanagar or any TN State dept website and pay RTI fees of Rs.10/- as per the mode prescribed in RTI rules stated in the website (They are simple )  SPIO , District Treasury has to respond within 48 hours from receipt.  Wait for a week and file the first appeal before FAA, wait another week for FAA response and immediately after ten days of making the first appeal make the second appeal to State Information Commission, TN under Life or Liberty clause and for Priority in hearing as a Senior citizen.  (Invariably enclose AADHAR copy that shows your age in all your correspondence as Xerox on RTi Correspondence itself)

2. Make a Uniform format of the facts above in the form of petition and send your story of grievance changing the address to various authorities with same contents. (You can also use online grievance procedure in TN and save costs and time)

1.District Collector, KRISHNAGIRI

2.Director, Treasuries Chennai

3.Chief Minister, CHENNAI..

4.Education Minister Chennai.

(They have an Act for redressal of grievances (Citizen Charter) wherein they have a fixed time frame for attending each service and in case of delay the concerned official has to pay a penalty 




Edited by Prasad GLN
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thanks a lot Prasad Sir. I have communicated the same to JBC.

Many thanks for taking time to address the query. Much appreciate. We will keep you updated on the outcome.


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@Prasad GLN- They had been to Krishnagiri Personally once again, although they showed this blog details to them, they said the old people had to abide to the rules they lay else they will not send it to CHennai for further processing.

They brought allthe documents back to Bangalore and now want to use RTI help.

How to get the forms for RTI filing Sir?

Many thanks!

Kavinayan for JBC

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Prasad GLN

Please share

1)The Exact information you wish to avail from, to expedite the processing,

2)Please provide the name of Public authority with whom the issue is pending.

I also request our active members from Chennai to do the needful for helping a really needed practical help.

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