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Adnan Miyan

I want to know about my father's bank account details who is no longer in the world


Adnan Miyan

My father expired suddenly due to heart attack and I don't know the details which is for the deposit in either bank or in pwd office as he was a contractor


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Prasad GLN
Posted (edited)

First, obtain a legal heir certificate from Tehasildar or concerned public authority by producing original death certificate  (obtain at least 5 original DCs as banks insist for original DC only).

Once you are equipped with fundamentals either you have to contact any of his assistants or seek information from the authority that has awarded the contracts to know his PAN No.. and from PAN No. you have to look into latest ITR filed by him wherein he might have disclosed his bank account details in ITR and AADHAR also.

You can also seek information on cheques issued to him while making payments to him for work done, and from that cheque, you can verify the bank who has collected that amount to your father account.

This is not a difficult exercise, but you have to devote at least one delay to find out details personally and RTI has a large time frame and not advisable in such matters where immediate information is required.

At the cost of repetition, remember that your father can never undertake any activity on his own ...alone...and contact those who used to assist.  There must be some cheque books or statement of accounts or some other documents if he is in business.  A contractor must have a solvency certificate showing all his assets to show that he is competent to undertake the work.  The authorities that issued such solvency certificate must have authentic information on all his assets.

(If you are one among several legal heirs, and if others are having the details and you suspect that the legal heir who is having that information is concealing the facts, then you have to contact an advocate. Personally, I presume that a son or someone close to him in not knowing the details is near to impossible. )

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