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HOW to file FAA




1. Kindly provide the total number of Ex-servicemen security guards are working at IOCL. from all the units of Port Blair from last 10 years in year wise with names and present posting.

Ans: Security guards are engaged by the contractor, hence data is not avl from last 10 years and given  present year posted security guards.

2. Kindly provide the payment of each Ex-servicemen security guard in a month working at all the units of IOCL. Port Blair.

Ans: the information sought under personal information under ec. 8(1)(j) of RTI act disclosure is would not satisfy any larger public interest

3. Kindly mention any register was maintaining by IOCL, Port Blair of all units for these Ex-servicemen Security Guards, if yes provide the Xerox copies from last 10 years.

Ans: No such records are available.

4. Kindly provide the total number of Ex-servicemen agency suppliers participated in the tender process from last 10 years in year wise, mention the name of the firms.

Ans: presently data is not available

5. Kindly provide the tender process of these ex-servicemen security guards.

Ans; limited tender with single bid.

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Prasad GLN

There should be some purpose as to how one can arrive at a logical conclusion to an issue and how to make the information useful in general.

I am sorry seeking 10 years information and for such vast information may not appear proper for normal citizen.

Coming to first appeal the simple grounds for appeal may be information provided by CPIO is not complete, relevant, correct and not satisfactory.  The prayer is for providing complete correct and relevant information for all points.

Unless you come out exactly wit the issue, the queries always appear to be an harassment of CPIO and even CIC may pass strictures against appellant.


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