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RTI application



Hello sir/madam, 

I had file RTI 3/1/2020 to Naval office for soughting information attached for reference RTI_3.1.20
For this RTI_3.1.20 i have receive partial ans on 22.1.20 and some point answer had been forwared to mumbai 
NPO office of Navy for repliny.Reply by NPo has been received me on 12.2.20 

In both they have mention sought information is exempted u/s 8(1) (j) of the RTI Act, 2005.

Sir my wife had filed numerous fake cases on me i.e 498a, dv, 125, 127, 128 claiming 20 lac plus amount they have 
expended in marriage.
My fil is navy senior sail-in-charge now he had many time did wrong things 
i wanted to get these information so that this help me in my case and it is also wrong if govt employe had cheated govt.
ex. he had not closed dependent card of daughter whom i had married and using the facilities on behalf of her by
keeping her with him
ex. also he use to sell medicine outside and bringing it at home.
And many more things

for rtiorg.pdf

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Prasad GLN

Focus on remedy in your case and do not extend this hate campaign and do not get disturbed with those things that are in no way connected to you personally.  Believe me, you will not get any of those details solicited by you that are relevant to your query from any public authority, and finally it should reach only CIC after several years. You are a regular member and well versed in RTI act and with it's limitations.  Think practically and focus on your remedies and do not waste your time and money on poisonous thoughts that may not give any relief to you in your case.

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@Prasad GLN thanks sir, 

Sir actually I wanted to prepare for TEP application so that if got some of point I can us there. 

Sir as per the raised RTI on 3 jan20, I have got answer from navy about my fil current designation, his current earning, his department of work currently in which he is. This all I hav able to got with experience, u had helpme earlier in 2016 I have found details of operations from navy when first appeal file with help of you.that make a huge impact on my fil 

I don't want to make such applications in sake of revenge but to highlight misuse of naval duty service power of my fil which he do by many illegal thing he do. He had made himself in service by showing unmarried at the time of joining navy whereas as my wife was born to him in that period he had misleaded govt. And got his service.

Such thing should come out, he use to threat all my family people he will sui us untill we all got suicide..

Sorry sir if I misunderstood you

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