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Know about MLA Fund in Khardah, Dist: North24 Parganas, West Bengal



I want to know the MLA fund utilization in the last three year in Khardah State assembly area, District: North 24 Parganas. Here my questions, if someone can please help.


1. T0 whom will this letter be addressed?

2. I am not able to find the address , nor the name and office of PIO.

3. If anyone can provide an exact format best suited to get reply.

4. IPO is not available in my nearest Post office, what to do then?


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Prasad GLN

You can file such application to any one of the following.

1.Nodal State Public Information officer, DIstrict Collector office,

2.State Public Information officer,  ...........State Assembly 

You can search their websites for format and mode of payment of RTI fee of Rs.10.

The collector is under obligation to upload such information on MLA LAds.

You can search in our wikipedia in our forum for prescribed format of application.

Many states are accepting Rs.10/-adhesive court stamp as RTI Fee and this is available with all advocates, their clerks, Bar association offices, Kiosks opp any court etc.,

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