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Ex-MLA claims he faces threats for probing land deal

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Ex-MLA claims he faces threats for probing land deal


The Imphal Free Press


IMPHAL, Oct 14: Former MLA and law secretary, government of Manipur, L Ibomcha Singh, said he is under threat of dire consequences for daring to seek documents regarding land deals in the Imphal municipal area in the last five years.


Suspecting illegalities in a certain land deals concluded during the period in Imphal, he had sent two men to the state revenue office to acquire the documents relating to the transfer of ownership of lands in the Imphal municipal area during the last five years.


Two employees of the revenue department had advised his men to get the required information through the procedures prescribed by the Right To Information Act, RTI, by filing a petition with the concerned authorities, the complaint letter said.


The news of his probe apparently leaked he said, and no sooner did this happen, a police officer intimidated the two revenue department employees saying that they are to bring about a compromise between him and the man seeking the documents, the note said.


The same police officer also summoned the men he had sent to the revenue office. One was out of station at the time but the other went to the police station where he was detained for 10 hours and then let go after being threatened, the complaint letter further said.


Further, the former MLA said two unknown persons came to his residence on the evening of October 12, and threatened him if he does not agree to a compromise on the matter, and pleaded with the DGP to provide him with security cover.


Ex-MLA claims he faces threats for probing land deal :: KanglaOnline ~ Your Gateway



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    • karira
      By karira
      As reported by Sayli Udas Mankekar in hindustantimes.com on 19 February 2010:
      Threats after RTI plea? Cops to your rescue- Hindustan Times
      Threats after RTI plea? Cops to your rescue
      Social activists, including citizens filing applications under the Right To Information, will be given immediate police protection if there is threat to their lives.
      A circular issued by Commissioner of Police, D. Sivanandhan, on Thursday, says activists will be inducted into police-public coordination committee to address local issues.
      Sivanandhan’s circular asks the police to promptly take cognisance of complaints lodged by activists. Their request for police protection will also be expedited immediately.
      The move comes after attacks on two activists. Satish Shetty, Right To Information activist was allegedly murdered outside his home near Pune in January. Shetty was murdered days after unidentified persons fired outside Mumbai activist Nayana Kathpalia’s home in south Mumbai.
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    • syedshah1983
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      What should I do now ???
      I received a direct threat from the Head of PA
      I received a call from one of the may be some clerk ( he just mentioned his name ) working in that office. He some how collected information about me of where I work and where I live.
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