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Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products bill 2003



I Dr. Aman Chowdhry (Masters of Dental Surgery, GC-29 Shivaji Enclave, Rajouri Garden New Delhi) would like to bring into your notice units (shops) selling tobacco within 100 yards of educational institutions which is a crime according to bill passed by Rajya Sabha & Lok Sabha (Bill No. XXXIX – F of 2001, page no 3, act no 6, copy of bill attached).

these units are thriving despite the rulings of honorable Govt of India.

I request you to kindly guide how appropriate action can beagainst perpetrators.

This will be of great help for the fight in curbing the menace of tobacco.

I look forward for your co-operation.

Thanking you

Dr. Aman Chowdhry

(MDS, Oral Pathology)


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Please file a complaint with Local police citing the provision of law and the violations noticed by you. You may also file an application before the Municipal Authorities to cancel Shop Registration showing violation of law. You can also make a complaint to the College Authorities to take up the matter with police and Municipal Authorities. Please do not make complaint to SIC/CIC in the first instant.


Wait for a month or so. The file RTI Application with PIO of Police & seek :


(1) Copy of Notings on complaint dt .............. preferred by .................. (your name) illegal vending of tobacco products by ..................... shop (name of shop)


(2) Copy of decision / order of competent authority on complaint dt .............. preferred by ............ (your name) regarding illegal vending of tobacco products by ................ shop (name of shop).


(3) Details of fine imposed on ......................... (shop name) on each day since ................ (date of complaint) till this date ..... (date of RTI Application) for illegal vending of tobacco products within 100 meters of educational institution.


Remember, you cannot ask questions eliciting answers from PIO under RTI Act. You can only seek material information. Please pay proper fee. Please through the RTI links and FAQ at the bottom of this page for details of fee and other details.

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Nice initiative. In fact I was planning to begin some action on this myself, though on a different line. Will keep this thread updated as and when I start that.

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well i have all d details of the units ready with photographs..

aul i need is what address to post them..

n ya i also need format of RTI application

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