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Wrong arm of the law

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As reported by Anurag Bende in punemirror.in on 08 May 2009:

Wrong arm of the law, News - Latest - Pune Mirror,Pune Mirror


Wrong arm of the law


Traffic cops break too many laws, finds RTI. So, who’ll police the police?


Here is another glaring example of lawkeepers turning law breakers! Eleven of the 33 tempos hired by the traffic police to lift haphazardly parked vehicles are plying the streets without valid fitness certificates, blatantly violating the law.


Moreover, none of the 13 rickshaw cranes hired by the traffic police to tow wrongly parked rickshaws are registered as either cranes or transport vehicles, which means they can be used only as private purposes and not for commercial activities.


Similarly, 14 of the 15 cranes used by the traffic cops to tow four wheelers are registered with the Regional Transport Office (RTO) as non transport private vehicles.


One of them is registered as a private mobile crane, one as a private delivery van and one a private breakdown van. Still worse, the road tax of at least four cranes expired in April and have yet not been renewed.


This shocking information came to light when RTI activist Sanjay Shirodkar filed queries with the traffic police and RTO.


11 out of 33 tempos on traffic duty are not road-worthy The fitness certificates of the vehicles that have been hired by traffic police to haul incorrectly parked two-wheelers have long

expired. Also, they have not been registered as goods carriers



13 cranes used by traffic police can only be used only as private vehicles Hired to lift haphazardly parked rickshaws, they have been registered as transport vehicles or cranes. This means they can only be used for private purposes


14 out of the 15 cranes on

traffic police duty are

functioning illegally Used to tow four-wheelers, these cranes are registered as non-transport, private vehicles with the RTO. They cannot be used for commercial


Shirodkar had filed an RTI application with the traffic police in February 2009 seeking information on how many vehicles the traffic police has hired on contract basis, details of the contracts, types of vehicles and their registration numbers.


In response to his query, the traffic police provided him with a list of the registration numbers of 33 hired tempos, 13 rickshaw cranes and 15 four-wheeler cranes.


Later, Shirodkar moved another RTI application to the RTO, seeking details of these tempos, rickshaw cranes and four wheeler cranes. In response to his query, the RTO gave him the details on April 2.


Shirodkar says, “The information revealed many irregularities in the contracts made while hiring these vehicles. It is a proof of how the traffic police, who are to enforce the traffic rules, are themselves violating the law.”


He adds, “What is most shocking is the revelation by the RTO that 11 of the 33 tempos hired by the traffic police are not roadworthy as their fitness certificates have expired.



NO GOOD: These traffic police department tempo trucks are not legally authorised to load two wheelers as they are not registered goods carriers

As per the law, the vehicles should have goods carrier permits to carry any vehicle, but the traffic police has overlooked this.


On one hand, the traffic police informed me that private vehicles are required for towing vehicles, but most of the tempos they have obtained are transport vehicles.”


Assistant commissioner of police (Traffic) P A Jafferbhai was cautious when asked for comment. He said, “Improving the traffic system is our prime concern and we have hired these vehicles for that purpose.


Our contracts with the vehicle owners clearly mention that it is the owners responsibility to ensure that all documents of the vehicles are in place.


Now, when the issue has come to our notice, we will recheck with the vehicle owners and ask them to obtain all the necessary documentation.”



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Atul Patankar

Very good use of RTI. Ask 2 sides of information to 2 different government departments, and you can get at least one irregularity to surface.

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As reported by Anurag Bende in punemirror.com on 12 May 2009:

Right To Ignore, News - City - Pune Mirror,Pune Mirror

Right To Ignore

RTI activist Sanjay Shirodkar had asked traffic cops for information on the contract between them and owners of the tempos used to tow vehicles. But they did not cooperate and Shirodkar will now raise a second appeal to the state level authorities



Pune Mirror’s May 8 pg 1 report on the RTI applications filed by Shirodkar



RTI activist Sanjay Shirodkar says traffic police are not cooperating at all with his queries


Sanjay Shirodkar, an RTI activist is agitated with the traffic police department. He had asked a few questions related to the contract between traffic police and the owners of the tempos used to tow vehicles under the RTI act but he did not get satisfactory answers and he raised a first appeal.


However in the first appeal on Monday he did not get the information he had demanded and now he is planning to raise a second appeal.


Pune Mirror had published a story on the irregularities in the contract between traffic police and the. Sanjay Shirodkar had filed two RTI applications in February and March.


In these applications he had demanded information about the contract between traffic police and the owners of the towing tempos.


Shirodkar said, “Even though I had asked for information under the RTI, traffic police did not give me adequate information. So I raised a first appeal in which the concerned authority has to provide information.”


“For the first appeal I had a meeting with the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Manoj Patil on Monday. I asked him about the informa-tion.


I wanted to know whether the tender procedure was followed while giving contracts to the owners of towing vehicles.


The vehicles which are used for towing are private transport vehicles, but even there I did not get satisfactory answers.” Shirodkar told, “I am disappointed with the response I got from the traffic department.


Under the RTI act they should provide all the information, but they are not cooperating at all. Now I am going to raise a second appeal in which state level authorities will have to give me the information.”

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