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Atul Patankar

Sports bodies use your money, resist your scrutiny

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Atul Patankar

As reported by Ajai Masand at hindustantimes.com on September 30, 2009


Would you like to know how much of taxpayers’ money is spent on hockey stadiums? How much we pay our squash coaches?

Too bad, you have no right to do so.

Among the 50 sports federations that the Indian government funds, there is only one on which the right to information act (RTI) applies — the All India Chess Federation (AICF).

This has emerged from the sports ministry’s response to a squash-related query sent by Mumbai-based squash coach A.I. Singh under the RTI.

Only the AICF qualifies as a “public authority” that can be questioned, said a letter to Singh dated July 7, signed by Sport Ministry Deputy Secretary C. Chinappa. “The Central Information Commission (CIC) has declared AICF only as a public authority. The Squash Racquet Federation of India, Chennai, has not so far been declared as public authority,” the letter said.

In a landmark decision, the CIC had ruled in March that the AICF was a public authority.

Singh has now asked the CIC if every sports federation funded by the government needs to be individually pronounced as falling within the ambit of the RTI Act. He awaits a reply.

When asked why sports federations are excluded from the RTI, Injeti Sriniwas, Joint Secretary (Sports), told Hindustan Times: “The RTI Act has broad parameters. We maintain it applies only to ‘an association that gets substantial funding’, though the CIC does not have any such clause. It’s a case-by-case approach.” He was not clear on what constituted ‘substantial funding’.

Sriniwas said the government had written to the Indian Olympic Association, sports federations and the Commonwealth Games Organising Committee, telling them they were covered by the RTI Act. “But they secured a stay on it from the court,” he said.



Source: Sports bodies use your money, resist your scrutiny- Hindustan Times

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In recent query to Ministry of sports.. after repeated efforts got a reply.

"BCCI is an autonomous body regd under societies act and as apex body regulation of cricket at national level, its their responsibility is select the national team, same applies to other bodies.."


The question comes..

How come a group of people created society become the body to select the national team and call it INDIN Team ?


Tommorow if we RTIINDIA starts claims that all RTI related issue we can only discuss and we will select CIC, IC ? Will any one agree ?


Awaits comments from members.

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Just because BCCI is being controled by Politician or Business people,they cant take away of my right know what are they doing with money.As in case of CWG Delhi2010 since they are using government money and working towards Indian nation,similarly BCCI itself represent Indian team management.Therefore they are answerable to country men.

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The question you have to ask is :


Is BCCI a Public Authority as defined in Sec 2(h) of the RTI Act ?

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Only 19 sports bodies are RTI compliant


as reported by B Shrikant, Hindustan Times, Mumbai, May 29, 2010


The National Sports Federations (NSFs) always reject the allegations of not being transparent. But when it comes to putting these claims into practice, the NSFs take their own time.

This becomes clear from the fact that only 19 out of 45 NSFs have fulfilled their obligations under the Right to Information (RTI) Act 2005 even after the expiry of extended deadline.


According to information provided by the Sports Ministry, seven NSFs wrote back saying they needed more time to fulfil the obligation. While the Special Olympics Bharat proposed to appoint the same person as Central Public Information Officer (CPIO) and appellate authority, which the ministry turned down, the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) cited a pending case in the Delhi High Court as the reason for not becoming RTI compliant. The remaining NSFs didn’t even bother to respond.


The Ministry had issued an order on March 30, asking all affiliated NSFs that get Rs 10 lakh or more as grant to appoint a CPIO and an Appellate Authority (AA) as per the RTI Act. The NSFs were told that grant would be stopped should they fail to comply.


The ministry had initially set April 15 as deadline, but extended it by 15 days. By May 15, the NSFs were required to fulfil all obligations as per Section 4 of the RTI Act and provide information like tenure of the officials, number of their employees, their remuneration, powers of officials etc. However, only a few have complied.


Among the 19 RTI compliant NSFs are the All India Tennis Association, All India Football Federation, Amateur Boxing Federation of India, All India Chess Federation, Athletics Federation of India, Archery Association of India and Indian Golf Union. The prominent defaulters are Badminton Association of India, Squash Rackets Federation of India, Wrestling Federation of India, Indian Weightlifting Federation, Swimming Federation of India, Gymnastics Federation of India.


Though the Indian Olympic Association has appointed its executive director George Mathew as its CPIO, it has not yet appointed an AA.


Source : Only 19 sports bodies are RTI compliant- Hindustan Times

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    • gaydhaniay
      By gaydhaniay
      I would like to know Is Maharashtra Badminton Association (MBA) and Badminton Association of India (BAI) are declared as public authority under the RTI act. There is no information about APIO and SPIO on their website.
      BAI is apex body for controlling Badminton game in Indialace. MBA is affiliated to BAI and Maharashtra Olympic Association.
      How I can proceeds in this case. Are there any clarification / circular on including such sport association under RTI act by the government or by State or Central Information Commission?
    • sidmis
      By sidmis
      BCCI not covered by RTI law
      Press Trust of India
      Friday, January 25, 2008 7:42 PM (New Delhi)
      Reported by NDTV.com: BCCI not covered by RTI law
      The country's apex cricket governing body BCCI could not be made accountable to provide information to citizens under the Right to Information law, the Central Information Commission (CIC) has held.
      In a recent order, the CIC rejected a citizen's plea to seek from the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) certain information about its affairs.
      Nagpur-based Anil Chintaman Khare in his RTI application had submitted that BCCI was registered under the Societies Registration Act and should be termed a "public authority" for the purposes of making it accountable under the transparency law.
      The BCCI, however, contested the applicant's claim stating that despite being registered under the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act, it was not constituted under the Constitution or any law made by the Parliament or any state legislature.
      Concurring with BCCI's stand, Information Commissioner Padma Balasubramanian said: "Registration under an Act is different from being established under it. Merely because BCCI is registered under the Societies Registration Act, does not bring it under the purview of RTI Act."
      In its arguments before the Commission, the BCCI had contended that it did not receive any funds, directly or indirectly, from the Centre and also did not have on its board any nominee from any government.
      The applicant said BCCI received a lot of tax benefits from the government and hence should be made answerable to the people of the country.
      The Commission came to its decision after finding that BCCI did not fall under any of the categories required to bring any public office under the RTI Act.


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