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Education in use of rti

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In order to educate more and more persons in need of use of RTI 2005,

I invite all the intellectuals associated with this site to ponder over following initiatives:

To create an online solution panel of experts with a view to:

1.Review unsuccessful applications of applicants in need and suggest or re_draft the same for fruitful results.

2.Suggest social organizations in the reach of applicants who can raise voice on behalf of applicant.

3.Publish own success stories on the site to encourage people to use RTI.

4.Communicate with Govt. on the vague parts of the act and bring the result in Public for mass benefit.

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Welcome to RTI India - Complete Online Community Portal for Right to Information


Your suggestions 1, 2 & 3 are already happening as and when a new member raises a query. Please go through various sections of the Forum: RTI India - Complete Online Community Portal for Right to Information - forums


Regarding item no. 4, at present we do not have any proposal to make representations to anyone. With the limited resources we have, it is better to concentrate on the Objective of the portal:


Our aim is to provide authentic and analytical help regarding Right to Information in India to Officers, Lawyers, Citizens, RTI Activist, Associations, & NGO's. Our strength is in bringing them all at one platform.

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    • Guest Prabeer Panda
      By Guest Prabeer Panda
      I have received information from the PIO and being the information which was disclosed under Large Public Interest, Can I share RTI response in Social Media? Do I need to take permission from the PIO / FAA or the CIC?
    • ganpat1956
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      This may not be good news for Vodafone, the company that acquired Hutch, from the Central Information Commission (CIC).
      The CIC on Friday got an assurance from the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) seeking an explanation from Hutch for not acting on the complaint of a RTI applicant ML Aggarwal. The CIC’s decision may open floodgates for RTI applications with TRAI against the mobile service providers.
      Aggarwal, who was being charged for add on services without his consent, filed an RTI application with TRAI seeking eight clarifications. He wanted to know whether Hutch was competent to add arbitrary any amount of charges without any written consent from the customers and number of consumers from whom the money is charged. He also sought information about Hutch officials responsible for collecting the charges.
      TRAI replied that they have issued direction to Cellular Mobile Access Providers that no chargeable value added service shall be provided to a customer without his explicit consent. TRAI also indicated that any value added service, which was earlier provided free of charge should not be made chargeable without the consent of the consumer. However, on information related to the company TRAI clarified that it does not maintain such details about the companies.
      During the hearing at CIC, the appellant Aggarwal informed that despite TRAI’s clarification he was still being charged for the service without his consent.
      The Central Public Information Officer of TRAI informed CIC that Hutch has to carry out the direction issued by TRAI and said they would ‘definitely; take up the appellant’s complaint with the company. "If the case is provide that Hutch has violated, they (TRAI) will take up matter in the court," the CPIO assured CIC, informing that the regulatory body also have a quasi-judicial function.
      CIC may open floodgates for RTI applicants : HindustanTimes.com


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