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Disclosure of IIT-JEE Key and Answer sheets allowed ?

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In a recent decision/order, CIC seems to have allowed the disclosure of IIT-JEE key and the answer sheets.


The order is not very clear.


It is attached to this post.


Members can read it and decide for themselves.


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TheCIC in their full bench decision of 23-4-2007 dispossing complaint No.CIC/WB/2006/0023, Appeal Nos.CIC/WB/A/2006/00469 & 00395 and Appeal No.CIC/OK/A/2006/00266/00058/00066/00315 has given a very detailed order on the subject. The order has unnecessarily gone heyward. One has to red at lest thrice to grasp. Though many may not agree with me, I am fully satisfied with the contention of the CIC.


This order categorically state that " the disclosure of the answersheets shall be the general rule but each case may have to be examined individually to see as to whether disclosure of evaluated answer sheets would render the system unworkable in practice. If that be so, the disclosure of the evaluated answer sheets could be denied but not otherwise. However, while doing so the concerned authority should ensure that the name and identity of the examiner, supervisor or any other person associated with the process of examination is in no way disclosed so as to endanger the life or physical safety of such person"


The arguements till its para 38 establish that this does not fall under the exemptions given in 8(1)(e), viz., fiduciary relationship.

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I am surprised to note that hardly anyone gave attention to one of the good decisioins of CIC's referred to on this topic I recommend to all members of this forum to read the CIC's decision of 7 cases decided on 23-4-2007. This is available in CIC's site. It need at least 3 reading to grasp.

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Please read this post. It is an important decision of cic.

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      BANGALORE: In a landmark decision, the Karnataka Information Commission (KIC) has ruled that evaluated answer scripts should be made available to anybody who wishes to see them and cannot be kept confidential for the benefit of the examiners.
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      KIC observed.  
      More importantly, it has rejected the Central Information Commission's decision under Section 8 (i) (j) saying that seeking evaluated answer papers either his/her own or others is purely personal and has no relationship to any public interest or activity. "This view does not appear correct to this commission.
      Although the applicant is not to be asked the purpose for seeking information, in the present case, providing the information would ensure the impartiality, objectivity, and fairness of the evaluation by examiners appointed by public services commissions whose purpose incidentally is of utmost concern to the people," it stated.

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