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New Ration Card in chennai......Success

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Dear Friends,


I would like to share my experience while obtaining a new ration card in chennai.


I had applied for new ration card in thiruvottiyur civil supplies office in chennai in the month of september. I had to submit mine and my wife's deletion certificate and my son's birth certificate along with the application. I had obtained my deletion certificate from mumbai, it was in marathi language and the name was also not written completely. It was not accepted by them. They asked me to get it in english. But, going back to mumbai and getting the certificate again was impossible for me then.


After enquiring with other officers in the ration office, i came to know that i can bring a true translation of the deletion certificate on an affidavit duly stamped and signed by any NOTARY PUBLIC who is a lawyer, you'll get many at high court. I had to pay Rs. 200 for the affidavit.

I could attach it along with my deletion certificate. i had to produce an address proff for which i used the postal address proof card provided by indian post office. After submission they gave me a slip (kind of acknowledgement card).


I was told that i will get the ration card in 60 days. It was nearing 60 days but no official came from ration office for verification which is supposed to happen after 10-15 days of form submission. Exactly on 61st day i sent them RTI application. I got information on ration offices in chennai, heads of ration offices from following links:










Exactly on 30th day from RTI application date, officer arrived at my residence for verification. He verified our details and signed on the slip marking completion of verification process. Now the next step was only to get the ration card. The officer told me that after verification they send the details for ration card printing which takes generally takes more than a month (It depends on the printing dept.). On 1st of february i got an email from ration card office (CIVIL SUPPLIES AND CONSUMER PROTECTION DEPARTMENT) that my ration card is ready and i have to collect it after 15 days. Fortunately, i got my card in my hands on 16th feb as mentioned by them without further delay.


I forgot to mention that, the officer came for verification to our residence explicitly mentioned that it is because i applied for RTI, they came so early for verification else it would have taken months and months. Anyway i got my card.


For all those who would like to apply for ration card in chennai, i would like you to ensure the following things:


1). If you do not have anything to be used as an address proof. immediately apply for postal address proof card. You will get it in may be 15-20 days


2). While obtaining deletion certificate, ask the officer to provide it in english necessarily. Ensure that your names are written correctly and completely (FIRSTNAME MIDDLENAME(father) LASTNAME(surname))


3). Immediately after 60 days apply for RTI. Dont forget to attach the acknowledment slip. Unlike other government organizations which take Rs.10, civil supplies needs Rs.50 DD in favour of "Public Information officer, Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection Department"

You'll get the address of your nearest ration office in the above links.


While applying for RTI you can use the same format available in this website, modify it little bit for ration card. I am attaching my application.


During this whole process i strongly felt that there should be a way to apply for RTI along with the application (let them take some extra money) but time to time update should be sent to us instead of making us wait for the stipulated time for applying for the RTI.


This is the second time i used RTI successfully, the first was for my passport from lucknow paasport office which i got after 9 months of application (after 1 month of RTI application) as if they were delivering a baby.


I would like to mention that i did not spend even a penny as a bribe........Thanks to RTI


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It is heartening to read your success story on getting a ration card through the RTI route. Thank you very much for the various suggestions you have given for the new aspirants.



Unlike other government organizations which take Rs.10, civil supplies needs Rs.50 DD in favour of "Public Information officer, Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection Department"


However, in respect of your above observation for a Rs. 50/- DD, the RTI application fee is only Rs. 10/- for all TN govt offices. You can also cross check it form the following link pertaining to the TN Civil Supplies Corporation: http://www.tncsc.tn.gov.in/html/RTI.pdf

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Excellent job. Thank you for sharing the experience. That would really be useful to many. Congratulations on your hat trick success in RTI.

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dear friends,


hi good job i wii use this info but as of now those 4 links do not work

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bravo I read your application it is superb !!!

One doubt....If at all they answer to your application then will they charge for all the document to you? I mean the expenses required to answer to your questions, the documents need to be supplied to you..all these charges are paid by whom.


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The DD which i sent them along with my RTI application itself is the fee for providing all the information sought. We don't need to pay anything later.

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thanks for your response

have a nice day

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Today while speaking to a friend i came to know that i need to add some more information to my blog. I have clearly written all the steps to be followed to geta new ration card, i need to also mention the things to be done to change the adress in your ration card if you are shifting to new place in the same city.


1. Approach the civil supplies office of your old residence zone.


2. submit an application (you can write a letter mentioning your old and new address and requesting for address change), ration card and a proof of new address (for this it is better to initially apply for change of address at BSNL telephone exchange if you have phone and use that month bill or get postal address proof).


3. After submitting the documents, the official will give you a slip and ask you to come back on a particular day specified on the slip. Generally, they take 7 to 10 days.


4. On the day mentioned on slip, they will return your ration card to you along with another slip. In some cases like change of zone they probably give a zone changing certificate in addition to slip.


5. You'll now have to write an application letter addressing new ration office assistant comissioner, CS. Submit this letter, the ration card along with the slip(s) in ration card office at your new residence zone. Again they'll give you a slip with a date mentioned on it and you'll be asked to come on that particular date. It takes again 7 to 10 days.


6. On that particular day, you can go in person to the new ration office, sign and collect your ration card with address updated. Every ration card on its front cover backside has empty rows where your new address is written and duly signed & stamped.


7. This ration card should be then taken to the allotted ration shop. The ration shop official will include your name in his register and will ask you to sign.


8. That's all


Hope the above information helps you all in need

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I want to apply for new ration card , I belong to Sujangarh, Churu, Rajasthan and The municipality of Sujangarh issued me one certificate for new ration card in India any where

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