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How to check my Employee Provident Fund balance?


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You can check you EPF Balance any time by keying the details here at this site.


Employees Provident Fund Information


If you are unable to get information you can contact at this email address for help.

epfohyd[at]ap.nic.in & epfohyd[at]hd2.dot.net.in


Lets try and find out before we send a RTI application whether the information is already provided by the Govt. It appears from the above that a commendable work has been done by the AP Govt. in making available the EPF balance over internet.

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You can always check the balance of your EPF Account by registering yourself at EPF Members Portal with the help of your UAN Number. 

Or you also give a MISSED Call to +911122901406 from your registered mobile number with EPF after which you will be getting a SMS with the current balance in your EPF Account.

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Under RTI format apply to the PIO.EPFO HYDERABAD Ask for the details of ur account [state ur a/c number]

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Thanks for the info. I had already tried this site. What is confusing in this is, this site asks for 3 things.


1. Establishment Code (expects maximum of 6 letters)

2. Establishment Extension (expects maximum of 1 letter)

3. Employee Code (expects maximum of 6 letters)

I don't know in my PF number how to find these things. My PF number provided by the employer has this format,




Can you please tell me how do i retrieve my required info from this.




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1. Establishment Code (expects maximum of 6 letters)

2. Establishment Extension (expects maximum of 1 letter)

3. Employee Code (expects maximum of 6 letters)


I don't know in my PF number how to find these things. My PF number provided by the employer has this format,





Establish Code is the code number given to your organiation. Extesnion no is the for the branch of your organisation if any

and the Employee code is the code alloted by your organization which deducts the contributions.


You can also write to the grievance redressal at this address




This is the list of PIO of EPF


You may apply to them under RTI if you feel the department has not given you all information



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Amjath,can you please visit our sister site for your query about EPF,this site exclusively deals with matters related to RTI. Thanks

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We have an excellent blog here: http://www.rtiindia.org/blogs/ambrish-p/641-pf-account-details.html by which will help in the matters of Provident Fund issues. Please visit the blog of Ambrish.


1. How to Check PF balance ??


Online faciltiy is available for accounts maintained at PUNE, Ahmedabad, Chennai and Kerala regional offices of EPFO.


A/C with PUNE Office try here: http://www.epfopune.gov.in/balance.aspx


A/C with AHEMABAD Office try here:EPFO | Employees Provident Fund Organisation, Gujarat, Ahmedabad


A/C with VADODARA Office try here: EPFO | Employees' Provident Fund Organisation, Vadodara Region


A/C with CHENNAI Office try here:Employee Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO), Chennai


A/C with KERALA Office try here:Your EPF Balance


If your PF account is not maintained at the office/s mentioned above please follow this blog by JPS Sir:



2. How to Check Transfer Status?


To check PF transfer status: http://www.epfindia.com/ClaimStatus_New.html


To know the details of transfer procedure, please see the blogs of Taurus Sir on PF:

RTI India - EPF - transfer or withdraw.


File RTI application with CPIO of Concerned PF office to check the status of transfer.RTI application will be as per Central Govt. RTI Rules & fees.


RTI Application For Central Govt Info (by JPS 50 Sir)



Please refer to this blog by JPS 50 Sir: http://www.rtiindia.org/forum/blogs/...ding-govt.html for a suggested format.


3. How to withdraw PF money & check the withdrawl status??


To withdraw PF money you need to fill the form no.19 (Employees's Provident Fund Scheme, 1952) and Form No.10C (Employee’s Pension Scheme, 1995) and you can withdraw the PF deposited to your account by your previous Employer. Forms available here: EPFO


FOR Claim Status (all INDIA) try here: EPF India


To know the details/rules (applicable) please see the blogs of Taurus Sir on PF:

RTI India - EPF - transfer or withdraw.


File RTI application with CPIO of Concerned PF office to check the status of claim. Application as per Central Govt. rules & fees.


Suggested Format of RTI application for withdrawl status (by JPS Sir) :http://www.rtiindia.org/forum/blogs/...nd-refund.html


4. How to withdraw PF money without involving/sign of employer.


If the company is closed and the employer is either not traceable or refused to sign the subscriber to the fund can still submit his claim for settlement through other means. It is the duty of the employer under the Act & Scheme to help Employees' Provident Fund organization to settle the Provident Fund dues of his employees. He has to complete the prescribed application within 5 days of receipt [para72 (5)] forms & hand over it to the member when he leaves the service. When a member finds it difficult to get the form attested by the employer, he can get the attestation of any of the following officer & send to the Provident Fund office:

1.Manager of a bank.

2.By any gazetted officer.

3.Member of the Central Board of Trustees./ committee/ Regional Committee (Employees'

Provident Fund Organization).

4.Magistrate/ Post/ Sub Post Master/ President of Village Panchayat/ Notary Public.

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    • By Shrawan
      Mr. Himanshu J. Mehta Vs Employees Provident Fund Organisation, Ahmedabad.
      Appeal No. 111/ICPB/2006 In the matter of Right to Information Act, 2005 – Section 19.
      Appellant: Mr. Himanshu J. Mehta
      Public authority: Employees Provident Fund Organisation, Ahmedabad. Sh. S.S.Nair - CPIO Regional Provident Fund Commissioner – Appellate Authority.
      FACTS: The appellant vide his communication dated 21.12.2005 addressed to the CPIO had sought the following information, followed by first appeal dated 23.2.2006 to the Regional Provident Fund Commissioner : i. Allotment of Provident Fund Code No.GJ/28322 allotted to M/s Tectona Soft Solution (Pvt) Ltd. ii. Copy of the Application submitted by M/s Tectona Soft Solution (Pvt) Ltd. iii. Copy of the Notification of the Provident Fund Commissioner applying the provisions of the Act. iv. Copy of the Letter of Authority used by Mahesh Shah to appear before the Assistant Provident Fund Commissioner in proceedings initiated u/s 7A of the Employees Provident Fund & Misc. Provisions Act. v. Copy of the proceedings which have been attended by Mahesh Shah on behalf of the company M/s. Tectona Soft Solution (Pvt) Ltd. By a letter dated 7.4.2006, the Public Authority informed the appellant that hearing in the above matter has been scheduled on 21.4.2006 during which the documents sought for by the appellant could be handed over. The appellant filed an appeal before the AA on 17.4.2006. Since he did not get any reply from AA, he filed the present appeal. Comments were called for from CPIO. Pointing out that proceedings had been initiated against M/S Tectona Soft Solution Pvt. Ltd. under the provisions of the Employees Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act which is pending has contended that the matter is pending before a quasi judicial authority. It has also been stated in the comments that the appellant has already been advised that whatever documents had been sought for would be furnished to him during the proceedings but no body has so far appeared on behalf of the establishment. In his elaborate rejoinder, the appellant has contended that the provisions of EPF was not applicable at all to the establishment and has sought for directions to the CPIO to furnish the information asked for by the appellant.
      DECISIONI find from the reply of the CPIO that he has not taken shelter under any of the exemptions provided under Section 8 of the Act but has only informed the appellant that the documents could be handed over during the course of the hearing. Since the appellant has claimed himself to be the advocate for M/S Tectona Soft Solutions (Pvt) Ltd, on his producing an authority from the said company, the CPIO will furnish all the information sought for by the appellant within 15 days from the receipt of the authority from the company as I find that the information sought for is not exempt under any of the provisions of Section 8 of the Act. In so far as the contention of the appellant in his rejoinder that EPF Act is not applicable to the company, this Commission has no powers to enquire into such matters.
      (Padma Balasubramanian)
      Information Commissioner
    • By Shrawan

      Central Information Commission


      Decision No.292/IC(A)/2006
      F. No.CIC/MA/A/2006/00588


      Dated, the 21st September, 2006


      Name of the Appellant : Sh. Sharabh Dubey, 11/7 Civil Lines, Kanpur –208 001. (U.P.)
      Name of the Public Authority: The British India Corporation Limited, 14/136 Civil Lines, P.B. 77, Kanpur-208 001.
      Facts of the Case:

      The appellant is an employee of the respondent. He was transferred to another Unit of the company. The office order was challenged by him in the Court, which adjudicated on the matter. Subsequently, he has filed a few more petitions on service related matters in the Court. In this backdrop, he has sought documents relating to the legal opinion obtained by the respondent, file notings by the senior officials on the issue of transfer, letters/correspondence with other officials, etc.
      The CPIO has denied the information and sought exemption u/s 8(1)(d) & (g) of the Act.
      The case was heard on 12.9.06. The appellant could not be present. The CPIO and the appellate authority were present. In the course of hearing, the CPIO showed a copy of the petition filed by the appellant in the Court, whic hcontained almost all the documents asked for by him. The CPIO contended that the documents asked for by the appellant relate to the various petitions filed by him in the Court. He, therefore, pleaded that the disclosure of the documents might adversely affect the disputed cases. Hence, the relevant documents are treated as confidential.
      Commission’s Decision:

      There is a dispute between the appellant and the company on service matters, including transfer of the appellant to another unit. The matter is pending before the Court for adjudication. There is every possibility that the appellant would get opportunity for his effective defense. The information sought is in the interest of the seeker. And, as such, there is no overriding public interest, u/s 8(1)(j) of the Act, for disclosure of the information.
      The appeal is therefore dismissed.

      (Prof. M.M. Ansari)
      Information Commissioner

    • By karcbe
      Hi Member,

      Would like to have your view on using RTI to get information for the below scenario:

      I have been requesting the "Regional PF Commissoner, Maharashtra - Bandra" through e-mail since May 15, 2006 to update me on the status of my PF Transfer Request from Maharashtra to Karnataka PF A/c & is yet to respond. I have almost written him 8 e-mails, but everything went in vain.

      Now, having lost my patience, I thougt of raising a complaint using RTI. Can you help me to know whether RTI could be used for this purpose.
      Thanks in advance.
    • By rajsar82
      Hi folks,
      My last employer (a private airline), is stonewalling parting with my EPF & Gratuity Dues, and my present employer ( another private airline ) is deducting it's own contribution, from MY salary. How do I go about showing them the error of their ways and more importantly getting my dues back?
    • By Rekha
      Would like to know the how to find out the status of the PF transfer from Cehnnai EPF to Mumbai EPF. Already form was submitted to Mumbai EPF in month of July 06 but till today I do not know the status of the same.
      Can anybody provide the RTI officer no at Mumbai or Chennai who can help me get the status.
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