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How RTI can be helpful to in case of RTO



Here are details of the case, Please let me know how RTI can be helpful to me.


One of my known person has went for driving license in Bangalore. Just check incidences -


  1. When he was in front of licensing authority, officer denied to speak in English and asked to speak him in Kannada only. When he said about not knowing Kannada and ask to speak in Hindi, officer shown him bitter face.
  2. Officer asked him to show PUC certificate for new car - new car doesn't require PUC certificate.
  3. During driving test, officer asked him where he belongs to, is he a software guy and for how much time he is in Bangalore - to probably inquire about his background.

  4. He was declared failed in driving test reason
    • He did not wear helmet for 2 wheeler test - he has asked officer whether he should wear or not before test and officer said, its ok not to wear
    • He did not put L sign board on bike as it was on his car. He asked officer whether he should transfer it from his car as it was on his car.
    • He has not shown sign of stop while taking turn on bike - how many Indian knows sign of stop ?


[*]At the end when he asked officer not to be unfair to him, officer replied to him only in Kannada ?

Clearly it looks that License was rejected because of prejudice.


I think RTI can't become useful here.


Alternatively, this can go to the head of department i.e. Commissioner of Police as a complaint but I suggested my friend not to go there as I fear going to police for any case.



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I don't feel that RTI can be of much help to you in this case. As the officer has not done anything that is against the law.


Maybe he was not that much educated to speak/understand English and was not conversant in spoken Hindi.


You can seek details of requirements for passing a driving license test from that particular RTO either through RTI. Generally most of the RTOs have these instructions displayed on a notice board in their office.

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