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I need to file a RTI to find out FIR details about my wife who met with a train accident in 2006. How should i go about getting this information. I am staying abroad.

Please help.




Suresh Babu

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You can file a RTI application with the PIO of the police station where the FIR was filed.

Just check the website of that particular State Police, under the RTI link.

It will have something called RTI Manual or RTI disclosure.

The PIO list will be given there. Just pick up the correct one.


The RTI application has to be as per the RTI Rules for that particular State. These are available in the Guide section of the portal: RTI Guide


Read the other articles in the Guide section as well as the links given under the "All about RTI" icon/tab, on the home page of the portal. These will be of help to you.


Since you are staying abroad, the best would be to make a application and attach your Indian Citizenship proof. Send it to someone you know in India. Ask him to attach the application fees, as per the requisite mode of payment as per the State RTI Fees and Rules and submit it.


You can give your foreign address as communication address.

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