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Worked to get my IT refund beyond speed of my thought

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Folks, in the beginning I was afraid that they may retaliate but after reading so many success stories on this site, I decided to file an RTI application asking for status of my refund pertaining to return filed two years back with Pune ITO. I was fearful till last moment but then, I posted the application since there was no reason for me not to do so as I was truthful always.


I was asuming that nothing will happen and probably I will have to go seen them personally or will have to file an appeal. But suddenly, after 8 days, I got a letter from commissioner's office stating that my application has been forwarded to appropriate officer.


I started to feel and believe in the power of RTI but somewhere I was still afraid that the officer may call me for questioning and start harrassing me. But no! The power of this act is amazing man. In 7 more days, I received two speedpost letters, one containing the refund cheque and other stating that my RTI query had been resolved.


I could not believe my senses. How can the rusted machinery work smoothly with such amazing speed without traditional oiling here and there. God, that was highly astonishing and far beyond my expecation.


Now on, I determine to use RTI in every matter I can. Let the truth prevail; Satyamev Jayate.

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Congrats and welcome to the portal. Please visit ALL ABOUT RTI and SUCCESS STORIES on home page. Your half an hour daily-15 hours a month for RTI will make huge difference in the way we are governed and treated by govt offices. In democracy numbers matter. Let law abiding citizens unite for REAL SWARAJ THROUGH RTI.

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