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CIC issues show cause to notice to CBI

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CIC issues show cause to notice to CBI

as reported in Governance Now by GN Bureau | June 09 2010


Office of the SP, CBI, Mumbai, did not provide information within the stipulated time period



The central information commission (CIC) on Monday issued a show cause notice to superintendent of police, CBI, Navi Mumbai.

In August 2007, Ram Kumar had filed an application in CBI headquarters, Delhi, under the right to information act. The application was transferred to CBI’s Mumbai office. In October 2007, Kumar received incomplete information. He was asked to deposit Rs 10 to obtain the copies of weekly diaries pertaining to a case which he had demanded in his RTI application.


However, even after submitting this amount, he was not provided with this piece of information. Ruling in the applicant’s favour, the CIC has directed the office of SP, CBI, Navi Mumbai to provide the requisite information within 15 working days. “CPIO S.N. Saxena, Superintendent of Police, CBI, A 2 Wing, 8th Floor, CGO Complex, Navi Mumbai (Maharashtra) is further directed to show cause as to why a penalty of Rs 250 per day from the date information fell due i.e.3.6.'08 to the date when the information is actually supplied, not exceeding Rs 25000/- should not be imposed on him under Section 20(1) of the RTI Act,” said the order.


Source : GovernanceNow.com | CIC issues show cause to notice to CBI

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