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Phising attack at axis bank mehsana



I have been cheated through phising of axis bank account last year.

I am harrassed and not cooperated by the bank to recover money.

I want my cheated rs 58000/ to be recovered with interest for the last 16 months

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It is a very good order.


Besides, you may also endorse the copies to the RBI.


You may also File a Compliant with the Banking Ombudsman, who sits in the RBI Building in your state or the nearest Office. The proceedings are quick and the division of the Banking Ombudsman is binding on the Banks. But if you are grieved by the decision of the Banking Ombudsman, you can seek relief in other fora.


After filing complaint with the Information Technology Department & RBI, you can track the matter (after a month) through RTI for your Pendig Unresponded issues with them.


Please file RTI Application with the PIO of the (Department) via Speed Post. While filing RTI Application detailing the problem being faced by you and quoted therein your all previous references of letter/telephone/personal visits to the office of the (Department) and ask for the following information (Please use all or some points as suited to you. Point No. 6-9 below is essential for quick and positive action):


01. Inform me the day to day action taken on my various requests made earlier (give date wise detail of your letters/visits/phone calls).

02. Inform me the time needed as per law to finalize the required action.

03. Inform me latest status of your request.

04. Provide me the certified copies of the File Notings relating to this matter.

05. Inform me reasons for the delay

06. Inform me Name & Designation of the officers/Officials responsible for taking action on your request.

07. Inform me Name & Designation of the officers/Officials responsible for causing delay on your request.

08. This application may also be treated as a Notice u/s 80 CPC and the action taken thereunder may also be inform to me in due course.

09. I have paid fee for the purpose. I am a consumer. The delay is a deficient service. Moreover I am being harassed. What compensation is proposed to paid to me. if Nothing, This may please be treated as a Notice under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986.

10. Inform me the manner in which the PA is proposing to compensate you for the mental agony and deficient service.

11. Any other point on your mind (Think Hard).


Here's the web address of the Helpline of the President of India's Secretariat where you can file and/or upload your grievance and later on view the status of the same. You may also file an online complaint to the President of India’s Secretariat at :: President's Secretariat Helpline ::

Most probably your work will be done with a quick pace, which you would had never expected under normal circumstances.


You will find necessary help for filing the RTI Application by clicking the "RTI Guide" button at the top of this page.

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Dear Sir,


Kind Attn : rajendra_secretariat


I am thankful and grateful for reply and guiding me against 'Fishing Attack at AXIS Bank,Mehsana'. I can endorse that I had gone through an war against Bank Authority, Police, Bank Ombudsman, Ministry OF Consumer Affairs, RBI , court...what not? The chronology of events will reveal my exclusive fighting against all odds as follows :

a. My Savings A /C at Axis Bank , Mehsana was Fished out for Rs 49,990 (Dt - 10.02.09) and Rs 8900 (Dt-12.02.09) while I was on official tour to Delhi. Neither I gave any information to anybody nor acknowledged any fishing mail. The amount was fished out due to Bank's poor safe guard and firewall on internet banking.

b. I complained to Axis Bank Mehsana on writing on 16-02-2009 after my return from Delhi

c. Complained to Police Station, Mehsan on 16.02.09 -

d. Went to lodge a complaint to D.C, Police H.Q, Mehsana on 19.02.09 - Not entertained and not accepted the application due to various grounds.

e. Complained to Axis Bank HO (Axis wealth) through email on 02.03.09 - Acknowledged

f. Complained to RBI on online services on dated 28.07.09 : Complaint No of RBI - 200910001000016, Dt 28.07.09

g. RBI wrote to Axis Bank V.P Mr P. Upadhyay on 28.07.09

h. AXIS Bank complained to D.C of Police, Mehsana on writing Dated 21.02.09 - Complaint not acknowledged by the DSP, Mehsana

i. Wrote to Local News Paper 'SANDESH', Mehsan - Reported exhaustively and Published on 09.06.09

j. Wrote to 'Times of India' Ahmedabad and published regarding this phishing - 21.07.09

k. Complained to 'Ministry of Consumer Affairs, F & PD, Jamnagar Delhi, dated -20.08.09 : Ministry acknowledged and wrote on - 14.09.09 to file complaint at Core Center, Noida

l. Banking Ombudsman Complaint - Complaint to 'Banking Ombudsman, Ahmedabad' dated - 17.06.09

Reply of Bank Ombudsman again - 28.07.09 - Complaint No - 3374 / 2008

Reply by Bank Ombudsman - Dated 13.08.09 (By Sh V R Singh, Complaint No - 0016 / 2009

Replied Again by 'Bank Ombudsman' dated -31.08.2009 - Unable to file any case due to complexity of the case & nature.

m. Wrote Several complaints to 'Ministry Of Consumer Affairs, Delhi' Ministry Reciprocated also

Reply by Ministr of Consumer Affairs ; Dated 16.02.10, By D . K Sonker, Letter No - o-3/26(1)/2009 - CGRC - Complaint forwarded to 'Core Center', Noida

n. Core Center Reply : Several times wrote that they are taking action or forwarded complaint to 'Bank Ombudsman, Ahmedabad' ....No Action taken yet, Core Center, Consumer Affairs,GOI, Sector -62, Noida

Reply Date - 01.10.09, No - Core - S 7/10/531 - 616 - No Action yet

Core Center Wrote to Bank Ombudsman to take action - 15.01.10 - No Action by Bank Ombudsman

Consumer Court - Filed Complained in consumer Court on 31.08.2009 - No Hearing or any reply given by the 'Consumer Court' yet.

o. Prime Minister's Office' - COmplained to Prime Minister's Office on 29.01.2010, Acknowledged by Sh B K. Sharma, Section Officer, PM Office, Letter No - 15.03.2010 - PMP4 / 132388 dated 09.03.2010

Directed Secretary, Financial Service, M/O Finance for needful action - No reply yet from PMO

------Axis Bank Returned Money - After such exhaustive and all complained, the bank authority returned money Worth Rs - 58,890 on dated 04.02.2010 ...... However, after such harrassment, pain agony, tension for one year span ..... I want the compensetion for this. I wrote to the bank for giving my Interest for one year of the amount fished and also the other expenditure of Rs 6000 to 7000/-. Total amount to be around 10 -11 thousand.

I hope RTI will support and help to get my due of 'Interest, Damarage for such harassement, expenditure for the Legal payment i.e to Advocate, Documents, Communications etc.

The Address of the Bank and Complainant : Manager, Sh Gopal Krishnan, , 1-5, Ground Floor, Sakar Center Point, Near Nagalpur College, Highway Rd, MEHSANA - 384002, Ph - 02762-259847,240099,240399


My Address : Dr AMITAVA KRISHNA ADHIKARI, Asst Manager (QA), Dairy Colony Flat No - 8, DUDHSAGAR DAIRY, Highway, P.O. Box No-01, MEHSANA - 384002, Ph - 09974025303,09974059313, 02762-253201 -5


I fervently hope for a comprehensive help from RTI as all possible way closed and failed to do recover the said money. please help me.

Thanking you, With best regards.

Dr AK Adhikari

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Dear Sir,


I have sent a mail all details of my Fishing of Axis Bank A/C just `10 min.

If it reached to you pl acknowledged. Pl help & reply.


DrA K Adhiakri

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Following links will be useful:


Bank problems:

How to address problems with banks? - Big Helpers Community


Consumer blogs:

Big Helpers Community - Right To Justice


You will have to approach District Consumer Forum under The Consumer Protection Act 1986 for claiming interest,expenditure and compensation for mental tension, agony etc which can be even Rs.25000/- or more.


RTI is not applicable to private banks.

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My Name is Narayan G and We have also become a victim of this attack. on 16th of June around 365000 has got siphoned off to 4 different axis bank account. I was trying to reach Dr.Amitava in the morning to get some guidance but I think he thought I am a scamster calling. I don't blame him after having gone thorugh so much.


We have filed a complaint with the bank, police and the Ombudsman. I have no idea where it is heading towards. Any suggestion from you guys???

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first try to read jps50 post as he has vast amount knowledge in dealing with bank related things read this url.



now to all just concentrate that you all are aware that it is bank who has done something wrong


make your weapon as RTI !!! apply rti apps asking for events which lead to money being unaccounted for.


and who was the concerned and reasons what prompted officials to do so.


now in case of axis bank NO rti is applicable, so approach banking ombudsman with complaint , ombudsman will call for records from axis or any other private bank and reasons ( file rti and take these very papers from ombudsman )


it is you who have to prove that "I have not withdrawn the amount" ( thats all my dear )

it is now bank to follow their procedure and not you ( put the onus on bank )


it may happen you are not reveling some intricate points on matter, and hence lack of clarity

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