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Traffic Police Corruption



Dear Sir,


On Sunday 20 June 2010, I was charged by a Traffic police officer at

Mulund Checknaka near Modella (near RMALL Mulund West Mumbai ) as my PUC

license had expired.

He said the fine would be 1000 RS.

He was surprised when I agreed to pay.

I fact he said whether I wanted to pay full amount, to which I said I

would pay the full fine amount.

But I failed to find if it was a valid amount for the offence.

I had emailed to various zones of Traffic plolce to know if 1000 RS is charged for not possessing valid PUC


Does it make difference if the vehicle owner or the owners relative is

driving the vehicle without the PUC certificate?

I was driving my father in laws scooter.


I was told that asI do not own the vehicle, I have to pay 1000RS else it would have been less.

I do not have issue paying fine, but I think I may have been cheated in

paying more fine.

Yes they did give me receipt.

But thats why I felt there act suspicious.

The traffic police only wrote details on the side of receipt which is

supposed to be given to offender.

The side of the receipt which is to be retained for govt record was left


I feel that traffic police would not have true details in the receipt and

pocket a part amount of the money.

I want to know how this corruption can be checked.

Please let me know if 1000 RS charged was right.

I am not sure if I would get any response on this from Traffic department.

I do not find any information on your website on the fines and penalties.

I just wanted to know if I am properly charged and if 1000 RS that I paid

has been received by govt.

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Dear Member


Please read the threads available in this search: traffic rules - Google Search



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