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Received un authentic Xerox as Reply from CPIO



I had sent one RTI to Bank of India asking questions regarding Sec.4. The draft was based on Mr. Karira's draft with minor changes. My main question was why there are no Notice Boards in Bank Branches giving details and along with Sec-4 why circulars from RBI for Notice Boards were not yet implemented so far.

I was shocked to see that the reply was a Xerox of original letter and not signed as attested.

I have filed FA for non receipt of reply stating received unattested Xerox in reply, with consultation with jps50.

Before this also there was one reply but it was having a signature on it. Now it is with Xerox signature.

In my ATM case also I had received unsigned attachment in Xerox form stating as report submitted to RBI. There was no seal of bank or signature of FAA. I have sent mail and a letter to send attested copy but no reply.

What options I have now?

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I think it was you who once mentioned that PIO returned your RTI application if it was not signed (or was it someone else?).


If no signature....not a valid application

Similarly, if no signature....not a valid reply.

You have already filed first appeal. See what happens.

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