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education loan subsidy details implementation



Even though education loan subsidy implementation has been finalized on june 24,2010

by ministry of education with iba...,yet there is no orders given at lower level implementation.

Bank manager is denying to recieve any orders or to give any information regarding it.

what can i do or from where can i get information how and by when this scheme will be made operational?

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If it is a public sector bank, you can file a RTI application with the PIO of the Bank and ask for :


1. Certified copy of all orders related to .........................issued from .............till ...............

2. Certified copies of all communications released by the competent authority in the Bank related to ...................isuued from........till........... and sent to all its branches/offices.


You can also file a RTI application with the Ministry of Education and get certified copies of all order sthey have sent to banks or IBA.


Your RTI Application has to be as per the RTI Rules and Fees for the Centre.

These are available in the Guide section of the Portal: RTI Guide


Please read the other articles in the Guide section as well as the links given in the FAQ here: RTI FAQ


Also read the links on the home page: All about RTI links


These will be of help to you during the RTI process.

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Welcome to the RTI Community Portal.


Your query not related to RTI. This forum helps you to get information under RTI But do not provide information.


You may file an RTI application with the concerned Authorities to get the information you require.


However, you can file an RTI Application with the PIO of the Education Ministry to know about the Education Loan Subsidy.


Please just wander about the portal to know more about it. You will get a lot of valuable on-hand information about THE RIGHT TO INFORMATION ACT, 2005. If you want to get more information on filing RTI Application with PIO of appropriate authority, for guidance please click the “Home” and "RTI Guide" button at the top of this page. Also please use the customized Google search bar located at the top of this page and search for "Education Loan Subsidy", etc. and you may get a/many threads.

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Normally it takes two months to percolate decisions of Govt of India up to branch level. It is routed through ministry of finance to RBI to bank's HO and then to branches and regional offices etc. Each bank has to decide its operational procedure for implementation before issuing circulars. At times certain matters require resolution of board of the bank or scrutiny by management committees etc. However, if Govt has fixed a date of eligibility, then it will be followed with that date only, so that beneficiaries do not lose financially. You may visit websites of ministry of education and ministry of finance for details. Banks will also be releasing details on their website shortly after issuing circulars to branches.


If you want to file RTI application please visit:


Central Govt application:



Make effective:


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Dear friends,

i have got an educational loan for my sister for her engineering , it was approximately around 2.5 lakhs total for 4 years.at SBI bank ganapathy branch, coimbatore,tamilnadu.

now the government has announced for subsidy for the interest paid in the year 2009-2010,

if i ask regarding the subsidy at the bank, the reply from the bank is that they don knew about the subsidy, n they don have any government order for that.


kindly help whether it is possible to get the interest refund fromthe bank for the year 2009-2010.





XXXXXXXXXXXX - Deleted mobile number - posting against forum rules

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Please read the full thread above.

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      Loan info: RTI at co-owner's disposal
      As reported in the Times of India, 12 Aug 2008, TNN
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      Mukhatyarali Kuereshi of Fatehpura in Vadodara sought information under RTI from the general manager and the central public information officer (CPIO) of State Bank of India's (SBI) local head office in Bhadra. Kuereshi wanted to know information about a loan taken from SBI, the name of the person who availed of the loan, the amount of loan taken and the outstandings.
      He also wanted the name of co-owners of the land who had given their no objection consent on granting of the loan as also names of the guarantors of the loan account and whether they too had availed of loan facility from the branch.
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      The bank has replied me back saying that "since they don't see any valid reason in giving the details they can't provide the same" and have told me to contact the Chennai head office for further appeal.
      Can I get the information which I had asked and the way I have to go now?


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