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To know vehicle transfer details from RTO Coimbatore



Hi friends


First of all, all of you guys are doing a great job helping each other on this forum. Congrats on the folks who run the site and the active participants.


Here is my query. My father sold a two-wheeler to another person in Coimbatore last year, through a 'two-wheeler agent'. Since we moved out of Coimbatore, we could not collect the delivery slip as proof of delivery/sale. We are also not in a position to travel to Coimbatore and pursue the matter. There has been no response from the agent for the last one year.


However, one good thing, we requested someone to find out from RTO Coimbatore North, if the vehicle has been transferred. The RTO office, apparently has confirmed the transfer and we now also have the name and address of the buyer and also the Transfer Effective Date. No contact number though.


Since we have no documentary proof of the sale/transfer of the vehicle, we wish to write to the RTO office (North), Coimbatore asking information in the following way. Please advise if this is alright. Also, if you know of any format for TN RTI applications, let me know.


1. Name and address of the current owner of the vehicle


Or alternatively, is it better to ask :


1. Name and addresses of all transfers of the vehicle since, say, 14th September 2007. (Effective date of our transfer).


2. Photocopy of the RC Book Endorsement. Do you think the RTO keeps copies of the RC book endorsement ? If so, is it available under RTI Act ?


3. Photocopy of the Insurance. ( We are particularly interested in having some documentary proof of the insurance transfer. )


4. Heard that the RTO office Coimbatore does not have photocopies of RC book endorsements, but they maintain something called the 'B' register (not sure about the name of the register), where they keep the transfer records apart from computerised records. Can we ask for a copy of the relevant page from the register ?


Also, I am planning to send a DD for Rs.10/- since I am not sure if court fee stamps from AP will be valid in TN.


Also, Do you know anyone in Coimbatore, may be a lawyer, who could get this done for us (drafting, submission, followup and forwarding of the docs received to us etc) for a fee ? (on our signing the application).


Will appreciate all help.


Thanks once again for the forum.

Jai Hind.



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Im not aware of any specific format for application being under RTI in TN as it is evident from Tamil Nadu SIC's website that RTI is still in it's infancy in the state. Regarding the matter of application, I would suggest that you ask for the following details:


1. The first registered owner of the vehicle number XXXXXXXX with complete name and address. List of all subsequent owners till date with complete name and address.

2. If NOC has been issued in regards to the vehicle number XXXXXXXXX, then kindly provide me photocopies of the same.


This information shall be more than sufficient for your purpose.


Regarding payment, a DD favoring the Accounts officer of the department concerned shall suffice. Im not too sure about the court stamps. Alternatively you can also send postal order.

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