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Private Telecom and Banking Sector Should come under the Umbrella of RTI

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There is a strong perception that Govt authorities entrusted with regulating/controlling/dealing with private sectors like Telecom,Banking and may be Insurance have allegedly some understanding with the private sector operators to allow these private sectors to use unfair means and various gimmicks to prosper at customer's expense and responses to complaints from these private sector grivances cells are rather tardy and highly suspect.

It is high time that these operators be brought under RTI Act 2005,to usher in transparency,accountability and customer friendliness.

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You are correct.

The problem is with the Regulators :


TRAI for Telecom

Banking Ombudsman for Banking

Insurance Regulator for Insurance

and soon - Regulator for Airlines


Most regulatory authorities in India have not only been created by the Government Department/Ministry that controls the industry but are also staffed by ex beauraucrats from the same ministry. Moreover, every decision or position taken by the regulator is questioned endlessly by the controlling ministry (DOT for TRAI, MoF for Banking and Insurance, Civila Aviation for Airlines).


Just have a look at the ongoing process of granting 3G licences and additional spectrum in 2G, to telecoms. There is no end to the saga. Everyday someone says something new and no one wants to take a decision.

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