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use of Pressure tactics to get an noc and later transfer of property



Respected Members,


I am staying in a registered society which is also one of the earliest registered society in mumbai , fort area.


Last year we had one of our members a very very influential person to be named had sent a letter asking for NOC in regards to sale of his commercial premises.The NOC sent was very general in nature with no proper details as to whom did he INTEND to sell the property. i have mentioned the word intend bcoz that is what was exactly stated to us in the letter to the society. On verification made by the members of the society it came to knowledge that the names given were with fictitious addresses and that of non I.T.Payers and the transaction amount was much higher then the entire cost of their building which the buyers had provided. fearing shady and anti social element or dummy buyers the society informed the buyers to personally come and meet the members of the society but the buyers have failed to do so in the last whole year, plus now the influential seller has resorted to tactics of pressurization from the police,crime branch and latest by sending a notice through dep registrar of society for taking over the administration of the society. the reason has not been mentioned clearly in the said notice but a mention that the annual general meeting of our society which was delayed for a year has lead them to take this step. Respected members we were suppose to have our annual general meeting after 3 months of delay but the seller's lawyer prevented us from doing so by misguiding us about the rules.It is now observed that the said lawyer is hand in glove with the buyer and seller and is a liaison agent of the Dep.Registrars office. we have been pressurized time and again to part with the NOC and transfer the said property. The society has no objection with the same but our only concern is that the seller comes ahead and declare his intent..


Kindly help me draft an RTI query in regards to the same to the Deputy Registrar of societies, and the questions that i should ask him and documents to be taken from them, along with the other officials whom i should approach and preventive steps to stop this illegal conduct and pressure tactics of the influential people.Our society's financial position is not so strong and most of the members are middle class working people who are peace loving in nature.


Kindly reply my query as i have tremendous faith in guidance from the members here...

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Sunil Ahya

1) You may file a RTI application with the Public Information Officer, Your Ward, Deputy Registrar, seeking inspection of the file held by the Registrar of Co-op. Stys pertaining to your society under section 2(j)(i) of the RTI Act.


2) You may file another RTI application with the Public Information Officer of Your Ward, Building Proposal Department of BMC i.e. Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM), seeking inspection of the file held by MCGM pertaining to your society under section 2(j)(i) of the RTI Act.


During inspection, identify important documents and seek certified photocopies of these documents.


You may download the RTI application form valid for Maharashtra from the following link RTI_Application_Form_Mah.doc.


You will require court fee stamps of Rs. 10/- for each RTI application.


3) Also you may write down your complains on an ordinary A4 size paper and file it with the concerned Public Authority (i.e. relevant government department, may it be Police, Registrar of Co-op. Stys, Municipality etc) , preserve the acknowledgment proof of your Complaint, wait for a week or so, and then file a RTI application seeking information on your Complaint Dated: XXXX e.g. certified photocopy of file notings held on your Complaint Dated XXXX, certified photocopy of action taken report on your Complaint Dated: XXXX etc.


For more details on filing a RTI application for seeking information on the status of action taken by the concerned Public Authority on your Complaint, please click on the following link: http://www.rtiindia.org/forum/blogs/jps50/69-any-thing-pending-govt.html


If you face any difficulty please put your queries to the forum, and our members would be happy to guide you further.

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thank you so much sir , and very kind of you for highlighting the significant points mentioned....i shall very soon update you with the latest developments on this front....

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