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Getting Road tax refund from Blore RTO - Need help



Hello people,


I am moved from Bangalore to Chennai in April 2010 and got my 4 year old car moved and re-registered in Chennai RTO in November 2010. I have paid the necessary Road tax in Chennai and since the tax paid in Bangalore is for Lifetime (15 yrs), I submitted Form 16 along with the xerox copies of TN and KA RC papers and proof of tax paid in both the states. I applied asking for the refund of the road tax for the balance period. This was sent via Registered post in Dec 2010 and I followed it up with a RTI Postal order in January 2011.

I had been following it up since then for over 8 months now and the Bangalore RTO Office, is very cool about the whole thing. They have sent me a reply saying, they have communicated to the Chennai NW RTO asking for details of the vehicle migration to TN state and confirm the re-registration, but not heard from the Chennai RTO. They have asked me to go in person and follow it up with the Chennai RTO and only after that they get the confirmation from the RTO, they will process my refund. I have made a couple of visits to the Chennai RTO and as per my knowledge they have sent the KA RTO, the CRTI details of the vehicle migration. I have a xerox copy of the letter sent across to the Bangalore RTO. But they claim they never received any communication and wont accept my xerox copy of the same letter as a confirmation. They have sent me a letter stating, unless they receive any communication from Chennai RTO, its not in their hands and have shelved my case.

I am confused now. What are my options? As per Chennai RTO, they have sent the needed CRTI details to Bangalore RTO, however they deny it and my refund amount of close to Rs. 18,000 is pending for over a year now. I need to know what should be my next steps? File a case and send a lawyer notice or is there an Appeal I could file. What is the format of the Appeal and to whom should I address this to? Any help appreciated. Thanks.

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You may file RTI application with Chennai RTO seeking certified copy of communication received from Bengaluru RTO, date of receipt, inward number, day to day progress, certified copy of reply sent to Bengaluru, outward number, if not replied reasons as per section 4.1.d for not replying etc. You have to follow RTI rules of TN for Chennai RTO which are posted at:





You need to file another RTI application with RTO Bengaluru based on following lines:





Long pending ? :



For both RTIs please also visit:


Make effective:


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