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smt indira pandey

parental property


smt indira pandey

my forefather had a property nearby jabalpur city(M.P.)my mother paid tax before last 10 years,after my mother's death i could not search or found that property bcoz i have no related papers.last week i heard from someone that one unauthorised man tried to sale this property by fales affidavit . what action i take pl. suggest ?

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Madam, this involves a number of issues, all of which are beyond the scope of this forum.


From your query, it is not clear if the said ancestral property was duly transfered in your mother's name; if your mother was in possession and enjoyment of the property till her death; who are the legal heirs of your mother ....etc. I would rather suggest that you approach a civil lawyer and sort out the matter legally.

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As Mr Ganpat suggested you should seek professional help appears right. However, I will try to summerise the problem and try to suggest a solution based on the same.


1. The property belongs to your ancestors

2. The revenue taxes were paid by your moths some time ago (10 years)

3. For some time (10 years) property taxes are not paid

4. You are unable to locate the property tax receipts or the original land records / documents

5. You came to know some one try to sale the land based on wrong affidavit



The issue is you have no starting point to initiate a legal suit as you have got no documents to file in the court. (I had made this assumption and correlated with your desire to seek help in this forum)



You can make a beginning for obtaining the papers / information under Right to Information Act but for that you need to be aware of the land location. Patta No. OR Khata No

Once you have the same you can file a RTI application to the local land authority asking to provide following


a) The owners of the land at the Khata No / Patta No in last 20 years

b) The list of person in whose name the receipts of land revenue / property taxes were issues in last 20 years

c) The details of mutation (resolution of disupte and transfer of land) in last 20 years



After obtaining the information you can file for a suit in court of law claiming for the remedy. The remedy is generally in the form of stay. But insure that you have the possession of land before you get the stay as the land disputes are plenty in our country.


I hope this will help you in some way.


Best wishes

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