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G.L.N. Prasad Sir,


I've already filed appeal with FAA on 12/Dec/2013 and with reference to previous conversation in this thread (quoted below), I waited for 45 days (as you updated me about the actual time limit about the rules to file appeal with SIC). And as I didn't go through rules for Maharashtra RTI, I didn't apply Rs.20 court fee stamp for filing appeal with FAA. So I think I should proceed with filing appeal with SIC now, isn't it? Its worth a try, even if they reject on some trivial grounds like not paying fees for FAA or writing CPIO instead of SPIO. Please opine.




Hi Everyone,


This is in reference to earlier post, seeking details of FAA regarding my RTI. I had filed First appeal to FAA on 12/Dec/2013 and waited a month for hearing and reply but none received until date. Now I need information about who is next in the hierarchy - is it State Information Commission of Maharashtra Govt. or CIC. Also please share address of SIC of Maharashtra. I need to send further appeal ASAP.


You have to wait for 45 days + postal transit 5 days time to file First appeal. As your first appeal was filed on 12th Dec, 13, you may file first appeal during first week of Feb, 13.

If you are not aware of FAA address, file FAA c/o the same office where you have filed RTI, as PIO will be coming to know of this and some times you may receive priority.

FAA is an officer superior to PIO and if PIO is state Govt, II appellate autority must be SIC. If PIO is Central Govt., then CIC.


G. L. N. Prasad Sir & Everyone,


I agree with your suggestion and I've drafted appeal for FAA however I'm unsure if DEO (District Election Officer) is the FAA in this case. I've uploaded my RTI application pdf for reference. Also you've mentioned to go through Maharashtra RTI rules, I'm not sure if SDM (Election) comes under jurisdiction of State of Maharashtra or under the Election commission of India (i.e. Central Govt.). I filed it assuming this particular task comes under ECI (Central Govt.) and kept my application within 500 words. However for Maharashtra, limit is only 150 words. Please help me clear this doubt too....Thanks again.

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