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akhilesh yadav

Gujarat: Frustration or recreation - Rave parties debate rages on

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akhilesh yadav

Frustration or recreation - Rave parties debate rages on


Reported by S krishnan in english.globalgujaratnews.com on Jan 2,2013

Frustration or recreation - Rave parties debate rages on | globalgujaratnews.com


Ahmedabad : You might have heard of people attending rave parties to attain 'nirvana'. However, frustration, joblessness, financial problems, family issues, failure in exams, loneliness and a way to pass time are among other reasons why people turn to rave parties, say Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) officials.

The observation came in the form of response to a Right to Information (RTI) application filed by Vihar Mehta in the wake of increasing raids conducted by the police. The activist sought to know how many raids were conducted in the last five years, the reason for people’s addiction to rave parties and the age-group among others.

“We have lab tested the drugs that the revelers used in the rave parties. The result was that the revelers tested positive for drugs that included cocaine, ecstasy and charas, "said a NCB official on condition of anonymity.

Cannabis is the most preferred drug amongst those frustrated in life, said the official. The observation is supported by doctors.

“Cannabis makes those frustrated in life feel happy them happy and that is why they are tired,” said Dr. SR Parker, Chief of Drug Addiction Centre at KEM Hospital, Mumbai, who is also in the police committee for rehabilitating addicts.

She added, “A craving for novelty is another reason that drives them to this addiction. Their parents work and provide money. Peer Pressure, a fast-paced life, poor health orientation gets them hooked to drugs.”

However, there are those who do not accept 'textbooks reason' offered by law enforcement agencies.

“The most important reason is recreational. Drugs are used in a very legitimate way by calling such parties close-knit ones. Easy availability of drugs has made this possible,” said Dr. Harish Shetty, an Ahmedabad-based psychiatrist.

It is also claimed that such parties are everyday affair, sort of, in metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Banglore and Pune and festive seasons like New Year eve provide just one more reason to the users to resort to substance abuse in the name of 'recreation'.

The activist who filed the RTI plea, however, felt that the responsibility to tackle the menace lies equally with the police and civil society.

“If someone is frustrated or depressed, people need to look after them. The police should advertise the ill-effects of drugs,” said Mehta.

A new trend disturbing the NCB officials is that the drug abuse has now been noticed even among teenagers from middle class homes.

The NCB officials said, “We do take up measures to ensure that people are de-addicted on a regular basis. It is done through NGOs and institutes like Gujarat University and LD Engineering College.”

As for the action taken, the official said that while supplier is detained and prosecuted under the provisions of Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substance (NDPS) Act, the consumers are spared legal action if they agree to de-addiction course at Rehab Centres or government hospitals. But they are first produced in courts if they test positive in the medical check-up. Upon successful completion of course, a medical certificate is issued by the CMO of concerned hospital of Rehab Centre which is treated as evidence in court. They are subsequently released on the condition of not repeating the offence.

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      As reported by Raakhi Jagga in indianexpress.com on 21 January 2011:
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