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I have filed 5 RTI applications in the registrar cooperative societies office related to corruption involved in the appointment of Arbitrators and Decisions of Arbitrators influenced by the few Advocates working there.As I thought most of the staff is involved ,I didn't received any reply not to mention I am hoping same sort of treatment for my First Appeal or some sort of delay tactics by them.

# My question is How much time I should wait before Filing 2nd Appeal in case I don't receive any reply.

# Should I file my First appeal combing all my RTI's or should I file separate appeals for seperate RTIs.

# How can I raise the issue of penalty in my first Appeal.

# As Registrar cooperative societies is the most corrupt department How can I save myself from them during my visit to RCS.


Can through RTI I can initiate any action against the advocates who are having nexus with Arbitrators and the department of RCS. It here important to mention that few of those Advocates were retiree from the same department and are taking undue advantage of their links.

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upendra upadhyay

#1. As per provision of RTI act- 2005 in section 19 (1) A second appeal against the decision under sub-section (1) shall lie within ninety days from the date on which the decision should have been made or was actually received, with the Central Information Commission or the State Information Commission: Provided that the Central Information Commission or the State Information Commission, as the case may be, may admit the appeal after the expiry of the period of ninety days if it is satisfied that the appellant was prevented by sufficient cause from filing the appeal in time.

#2. You Have to file separate appeals for separate RTIs.

#3. You can raise issue of penalty in Second Appeal.

#4. Do not visit RCS Alone, and keep the recording of your mobile on, so you may gather proof for Criminal Action :)

for the action against Advocate, firstly you have to collect the proof than you may take action as per law.

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