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Info on ones mobile being tapped can be obtained from BSNL

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It appears from the attached order of the CIC, that BSNL is willing to provide information regarding the tapping 9or not) of a mobile phone, to the owner of that phone, after following third party procedure with the relevant security agency:


The CPIO’s representative stated that they have checked their records and also their

system and have found that the appellant’s mobile phone (no.9450457331) has not been tapped

(from 24/08/2011) and the same has been intimated to him vide letter dated 30/04/2013. The

appellant contended that in the aforesaid letter the respondent have only confirmed having

checked their records and not their system. The CPIO’s representative reiterated that they have

checked both their records and the system and will confirm the same in writing to the appellant.

Info on ones phone being tapped can be onbtained from BSNL.pdf

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    • Lawyero
      By Lawyero
      When I approached BSNL to get incoming call records for one of my prepaid BSNL mobile number on which I am getting frequent abusive calls, the GM's office of our district conveyed that they no more provide that information to customers and the only way that they can disclose this info is when police approach them. I gave a written letter requesting them to convey the same by return postal mail, which they are yet to send. There is an FIR filed by the police based on my complaint, and I want to get this information so that even if the police collude with the abuser, I can prove to the criminal court of what really transpired. This being the situation, can I get this information via RTI?
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      PANJIM, AUG 10 - Upset that that BSNL Internet consumers complaints are not attended to promptly, consumer activists have decided to take the matter seriously with the A K Desarkar, General Manager BSNL Goa Telecom District and Sujeet Kumar, Deputy General Manager BSNL (North), Mapusa.
      At the BSNL Open House Sessions held recently in Panjim and Mapusa the plight of BSNL Internet consumers was higlighted.
      The issues raised were the yet again change of email IDs from Sancharnet.in to Bsnl.in with no individual intimation via email of the same, the flooding of mailboxes with spam and shortage of Internet cards.
      While BSNL has recently has put in place a tie-up with all Bharat Gas Distributors of LPG cylinders to sell BSNL Sancharnet Internet Cards, it is interesting that these cards are not available in its very own Customer Service Centres (CSC’s), a customer complained.
      While in the Mapusa Customer Service Centre only 25 hours Internet Renewal Cards were available and 50 hours and 100 hours were out of stock.
      Earlier the same situation prevailed with regards to VCC cards not being available in the Customer Service Centres (CSCs) but were available with the franchise of BSNL.
      Consumer activists have decided to take up the issue at the forthcoming BSNL Telephone Adalat to be held in Mumbai and seek the support of GOACAN for this purpose.
      Consumer activists are also planning to use the Right To Information (RTI) to track down the movement of these cards and to find out the stock of cards available with franchises and the stock available with the Customer Service Centres (CSC’s).
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