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Information Required for Fund allocation and withdrawal in Mithwal Block at Bazardeeh Gram Sabha



i want to know how to get information abotmy village devlopment work i live in gorakhpur

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For any information in a State, you have to apply to the State Public Information Officer (SPIO). Each Public Authority (PA) may have one or more SPIOs. In UP, for village level information, you have to apply to the Secretary of the concerned Gram Panchayat or Gram Panchayat Development Officer. They are nominated as SPIOs for village panchayats in UP.

For source of information see this link - The Right to Information and ... - Google Books

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As per guidelines of UP Panchayat Raj Site your RTI application should be address to Zila Panchayat Raj Adhikari. For more information click and download this file . The sample questions you can ask can be as follows :


Please provide following information under Right to Information Act 2005.

1. How much amount has been received by Gram xxxxxxxx from State and Central Govt. under various schemes in financial years 2008-09 and 2009-10? Please provide details as per following format:

a. Name of Scheme/fund

b. Amount received

c. Date of receipt of amount

d. Amount spend so for

e. Bank account No.


2. How much amount has been received by Gram Panchayat xxxxxxxxxx from other resources in the financial years 2008-09 and 2009-10? Please provide details as per following format:

a. Name of source of Income

b. Amount received in 2008-09

c. Amount received in 2009-10

d. Details of bank account in which the amount was deposited.


3. Please provide details of works carried out by Gram Panchayat xxxxxxxx in the financial years 2008-09 and 2009-10 as per following format:

a. Name of work

b. Name of scheme

c. Total amount spent on work

d. Date of completion of work

e. Name of contractor


4. On which date the account of Gram Panchayat xxxxxx was last inspected?


5. Please provide me photocopies of Bank Statement of all the accounts maintained by Gram Panchayat xxxxx from 01 Jan 2009 to 31 Jul 2010. The photocopies should be signed and certified by Gram Sarpanch.


6. Please provide Name, address and contact number of Junior Engineer, Assistant Engineer and Executive Engineers who are responsible to ensure quality of works by Gram Panchayat xxxxxxx


7. Please provide name, designation, address and contact number of First Appellate Authority who should be approached in case the reply received from you is incomplete or unsatisfactory.


Please enclosed the Indian Postal Order in favor of Zila Panchayar Raj Adhikari

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DineshK has given you a very good material to kick start.


You may also note down your own queries which are storming your mind.

You may file different applications on different subjects and not a common application for variety of queries.

Do Not start your query with a question.

But Start with "Please supply me ............ information" Or "Please supply me the certified copies of.......".

Attach the requisite fee with your application.

Always send the application via SPEED-POST.

Buy a Copy of the RTI Bare Act and keep it by your side.


You just start doing the things and you will learn more and more as you go by.

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Dear Team,


Please let me know the status of fund allocated to Bazardeeh Gram Sabha in Mithwal Block Uttar Pradesh.


Also required information that how much fund has been used or withdrawal yet as of now date by Gram Pradhan for the development of the village.



Jitendra Chaudhary


PO - Bansi, Siddharth Nagar.

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This is only a discussion portal on the RTI Act 2005.

We do not provide all types of information being sought by members. We can only guide members on how to use the RTI Act effectively and correctly.


In case you want to file a RTI application, then please read the above thread in full.

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