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Hi, I am Rishi Srivastava currently working for a US based MNC in Hyderabad and native to UP. From what I have heard of RTI, it is an extremely useful act which makes govt. accountable to people. I am currently in a trouble and gathering information about RTI. I was travelling from delhi to Mumbai in first week of July where I encountered a theft in train. After reaching Mumbai I filed a compaint in Mumbai Central GRP. According to them, they registered a 00 number FIR and gave complaint copy to me (can be seen as "kachi FIR"). They said they will forward the FIR to KOTA GRP (where this incident actually happened) which will take 10-15 days time. Once it is received by KOTA GRP, they will call you and you'll be given the proper FIR copy. Till now 22 days have passed, I haven't got anything and when I call the Kota GRP they said they haven't received it yet. When I call Mumbai GRP they say they have dispatched it. I am in a dilemma since the stolen goods were my company provided laptop and most importantly it had my passport. I need proper FIR copy for both the things as I need to get my passport done and for company so that insurer of laptop can pay to company, if this doesn't happen, the laptop cost will be deducted from my salary. I am not sure whether RTI can help me or not, I am sure it can. If yes, can anybody help me in providing the details of the contact address of Mumbai central GRP, and KOTA GRP. I am planning to have a confirmation in written from Mumbai GRP and based on that I'll file an RTI in KOTA about the status. Will the RTI authority be able to provide the FIR copy. Let's what RTI has in it. Please advise.

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Prasad GLN

Immediately File RTI Application in following simple format, filling addresses wherever necessary


Application dt.30th Jul, 13 seeking information under RTI Act before

PIO, SHO................................................(Police station where complaint was lodged) with

RTI fee of Rs.10/- Indian Postal order (blank with a request to fill the name of payee as required ) filed by

APPLICANT: Your name and complete Address>


Brief Facts; This applicant has filed a complaint on theft and loss of goods with SHO on...........and a copy of kuccha receipt given is pasted on back side of this appliation for immediate reference.

It was informed by SHO that it was sent to...............................................and it was informed by them that they have not received the same till to-day. Applicant wants a copy of FIR as expeditiously as possible to report the matter to his employer , against misuse and to obtain duplicate pass port. Appliant is disturbed with unnecessary delay and compacence in just sending copy of FIR to complainant.

Information solicited: Please furnish following information

a.Date of reference to.... ............station with copy of such letter and service proof.

b.As the receiving station has reported non receipt, the arrangements SHO propose for sending duplicate and if already despatched copy and service proof.

c.Rules and regulations as per Police Manual in issuing FIR to complainant and alternate course if the other station reports non receipt.

d.Action initiated and probable date by which copy of FIR will be delivered to this Applicant.



30th July, 13.........................................................................Applicant.

Please send it by Speed post, and paste the postal receipt on copy of RTI Application for future use, and take out delivery date by looking into India Post, Speed post delivery status by filling receipt number

please make a copy of RTI application to COmmissioner of Police also (Though not necessary, with a hope that if some understanding official is there he may respond if appliant is lucky)

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You need to file RTI with GRP Mumbai and GRP Kota by referring following links:


Rajasthan: For Kota GRP

Rajasthan RTI Rules - Guide


Rajasthan Police


Maharashtra: For Mumbai GRP

Mahrashtra RTI Rules - Guide


Welcome to MPD, INDIA !!!


Make effective:



You need to seek following information from Mumbai GRP:


Date of despatch of FIR to Kota, certified photocopy of proof of mailing, postal number of envelope, entry number in despatch register, certified photocopy of postal acknowledgement received from Kota.


On receipt of above details if FIR is sent by registered or speed post then you can track delivery of envelope at India Post | Home and inform to Kota GRP.


For Kota GRP you may seek:


Date of receipt of papers from GRP Mumbai Central, date of mailing copy of final FIR to you, proof of mailing copy of FIR to you with date, certified copy of entry in dispatch register, certified copy of FIR etc


In both RTIs, attach photocopy of kutcha FIR.


GRP is state govt entity unlike railways which is a central govt entity.

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Sunil Ahya

You may download Maharashtra RTI Forms from the following link


(fill this form on your computer, take a print out, sign on it, paste a court fee stamp of Rs.10/-, mail it by speed post, track the delivery status on India Post website on internet, and when the status shows delivered take a hard copy print out or save a soft copy in pdf format on your computer as a proof of delivery (POD) of your RTI Application):



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Please read this post:



Here I have given detail instructions to get the copy.


Though in Mumbai Rly Police are from Maharashtra, I am not sure if Maharashtra RTI rules are applicable to Rly police. But give a try.


As advised in above thread send the application as advised to Rly police HQ at Mumbai and to Kota Rly police. As a safety give the copy of your application to both Station Masters as they are in charge of that area and indirectly police are under him.

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Sunil Ahya

Though in Mumbai Rly Police are from Maharashtra, I am not sure if Maharashtra RTI rules are applicable to Rly police. But give a try.


As suggested by Shah Sir, Government Railway Police (GRP) is a part of the State Police and therefore Maharashtra RTI Rules will be applicable to them.


Please find quoted below an excerpt from the "CHAPTER XI - Police Jurisdiction And Security of Railway Materials" of "Indian Railways Works Manual" :


1102 Police Jurisdiction


The jurisdiction between the Railway Police and the Local Police varies according to the orders issued by the concerned State Governments. The jurisdiction of the Local Police and the Railway Police is given in the Police Manual. However, the procedure for lodging FIR/complaint is the same. Officials of the Engineering Department will have to acquaint themselves with the procedure in force over their jurisdiction.

a) Government Railway Police:- Railway Police forms. a part of the State Police and is responsible for the maintenance of law and order and policing on the railways including running trains.-



(i) "Railway limits" may be defined as the area owned or legally occupied by a Railway Administration for the purposes of carriage of goods and passengers, and covers every place or building used for such purposes. A road over or across a Railway line is not usually used for railway transportation unless specified. Police duties arising on it are generally to be discharged by the Local Police.


(ii) "Station limits" includes all traffic lines, platform surfaces, circulating area and the length of tracks within the outermost signals.


(iii) In case of any ambiguity regarding the jurisdiction of the Local Police and the Railway Police, the Police Manual of the State concerned may be referred to.

b) Local Police:

Local Police is responsible for Law and Order in the areas other than those coming under the jurisdiction of the Railway Police.

c) Railway Protection Force

(i) Railway Protection Force has been created as an Armed Force of the Union under the R.P.F. Act 1957 (as modified by Act No.60 of 1985). It is placed under the Ministry of Railways and its members are deemed to be Railway Servants within the meaning of the Indian Railways Act 1989 and shall exercise the powers conferred on Railway Servants by or under that Act.


(ii) RPF has been conferred with powers under the Railway Property (Unlawful Possession) Act 1966 to arrest, search, inquire and prosecute offenders of unlawful possession of Railway property.


(iii) Being an Armed Force of the Union, RPF can also exercise the powers conferred on the Armed Forces of the Union.

Link to the website:



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