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Political Parties RTI Escapism- Reaction on being brought under RTI

Political Parties Under RTI

Our thoughts- what! CIC as Boss? Well hon’ble Sh Sharad Yadav need to understand RTI does not make CIC as boss but the citizens. Isn’t for them they are working? If political parties claim they work for us then obviously we are the boss and boss (Citizen) has every right to know and probe them by bringing political parties under RTI.

political opponents may use the law to destabilise a party- CPM

If that fractured logic is comprehended, as RTI shall destabilise political parties, it should have destabilised the Government too because applicability on Political parties doesn’t change RTI provisions. Does that also mean that if RTI is here to destabilise, why all political parties were silent before this ruling? Does it mean political party not in Government were thinking of using RTI to destabilise the Government and that it is going to backfire?

I think it is important to keep a practical control of RTI objectives because it cannot be allowed to run riot- Salman Khurshid, external Affairs minister

Sir, RTI doesn’t run riot but it run over riot. What is the fear sir!

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Political Parties under RTI – The Great Step for Indian Democracy

Political parties under RTI

Political parties under RTI

Political parties have been claiming exemption under RTI Act. But the decision of CIC shall change everything now. Political Parties under RTI Act now.

Political Parties affect the lives of citizens, directly or indirectly, in every conceivable way and are continuously engaged in performing public duty. It is, therefore, important that they became accountable to the public. Their uniqueness lies in the fact that inspite of being non-governmental, they come to wield or directly or indirectly influence exercise of governmental power. It would be odd to argue that transparency is good for all State organs but not so good for Political Parties, which, in reality, control all the vital organs of the State.

How Political Parties under RTI

The CIC ruled that “We may also add that the preamble to the Constitution of India aims at securing to all its citizens: JUSTICE, social, economic and political; LIBERTY of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship; and, EQUALITY of status and of opportunity. Coincidentally, the preamble of RTI Act also aims to promote these principles in the form of transparency and accountability in the working of the every public authority. It also aims to create an ‘informed citizenry’ and to contain corruption and to hold government and their instrumentalities accountable to the governed. Needless to say, Political Parties are important political institutions and can play a critical role in heralding transparency in public life.” Read more ›