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Don’t forget to ask all related information in one RTI or it shall now be refused

information in one RTIContinuing its similar decision, this time CIC has gone a step ahead and stated that when not taken to High Court for judicial review in stipulated period, the matter decided in second appeal assumes finality and cannot be sought for again from the public authority. It means that information once denied or decided by CIC cannot be sought again from PIO. (If you want to discuss this news, please go to our forum here)

Secondly CIC decided that when an applicant uses an opportunity of obtaining information on a particular subject as per law, he is expected to seek all the related information in that first ever opportunity itself. He cannot file another application for a bit or piece which he forgot to ask, or not advised by his lawyer, or for any other reason. He should ask all possible aspects of information about that subject matter, in the first ever available opportunity. Even if he does not, it is presumed by law that he asked for that and was refused after due trial.

Thirdly, CIC decided that cases of disclosure of information to the repetitive applicants for their private purpose which promotes their private interest but not the public interest would cause substantial harm to the legitimate aim of the Right to Information Act. Do you think this shall substantially change the directions of RTI Act in India? Does it have any impact on your RTI? Read more ›

Disclosing list of visitors shall harm the personal safety of Tihar jail inmate

Safety of Tihar Jail Inmate- RTI not DisclosedRTI application was denied by Public Information Officer, Tihar Jail who wanted date wise list of visitors who had met Tihar Jail inmate, in connection with Delhi High Court Blast case. Central Information Commission upheld the decision and denied disclosure of information as it would cause harm to the personal safety of the third party or the persons who had met him. (Please read the RTI Act 2005 regarding what is third party information here. If you have any questions regarding Right to Information, kindly post it at our forum here) Read more ›

No Right to Repeat: Citizen has right to information only once- Rules CIC

No Right to RepeatIn a significant decision, CIC ruled that citizen do not have right to repeat their RTI Application. CIC recorded that every repetition of RTI application is an obstruction of flow of information and defeats the purpose of the RTI Act. Though RTI Act, did not specifically provide this as a ground of refusing the information, it is implied from the various provisions of RTI Act, that any citizen has right to information only once and not repeatedly. Once information is given, applicant shall not seek the same once again. (If you want to discuss this news, please go to our forum here)

Here are the summary recommendations of No Right to Repeat

  1. Citizen has no Right to Repeat under RTI Act
  2. Every repetition of RTI application is an obstruction of flow of information & Waste of public time
  3. RTI is not a rendezvous of disgruntled elements
  4. Repetitive use of RTI an ABUSE
  5. Repetition shall be ground of refusal and Appeals can be rejected
  6. Placing RTI abusers information in public domain & Commission shall record ABUSE, admonish ABUSER

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