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How to obtain a certificate that you are not married?

non marriage certificateIn a Right to Information query, an applicant asked for the practice of issuing of Non- Marriage Certificates by Sub Divisional Magistrates (SDMs) in Delhi. The SDM submitted that generally the Department does not issue non­ marriage certificates, which means that a particular person is not married as per their records.

However, if there is a specific requirement of such certificate and where the Sub­ Divisional Magistrate is convinced that the applicant is genuinely not married, the SDM is not barred from issuing the Non­ Marriage Certificate to a person after the process of due Police verification. If you have any query related to RTI please post at our forum here! Read more ›

Post Office cannot sell IPO through RTI

Indian Postal OrderIn an RTI filed with Post office at Bihar, an RTI applicant has asked CPIO to supply 100 Indian Postal Orders (IPO) of Rs 10/- each. It was denied by the Post office, and the matter went up to Central Information Commission (CIC). CIC decided that RTI Act does not casts any obligation on the CPIO to supply IPOs which are products available for sale at post offices. The CPIO, under the RTI Act, is required to furnish only information/documents as available on record. Thus the RTI applicant was informed that he can purchase IPOs from any Post Office.

Earlier CPIO has contended that “This request for supply of IPOs through RTI does not fall within the definition of “information” as per Section 2(f) of the RTI Act.” Thus the CPIO has not provided the desired information and returned the banker’s cheque filed along with the RTI application. If you have any questions regarding Right to Information, you can post your query at our forum here!

Post Office cannot sell IPO through RTI

We have compiled comprehensive information about IPO’s at our sister site here: What is Indian Postal Order

What is Indian Postal Order?
A service for remitting small amount of money from one place to another through Post Offices. Indian Postal Orders provide a convenient means of transmitting small sums of money by post. The Indian Postal Orders are available in all the Post Offices across India

What details are to be written on the IPO?

IPO has two parts as a cheque has. Counterfoil & Foil. Foil part is sent/handed over to payee as money remittance & counter foil is kept by the remitter as a proof

You need to fill in:

  • Name of the Payee (person to whom the payment is to be made)
  • Office of Payment (Post Office which is most convenient to the Payee. If not known then district, town or city maybe specified. It is not mandatory to put this in, but is useful if the IPO is lost)

Also fill in the same details on the counterfoil. Tear the counterfoil and keep it, before you submit the IPO with the application. Read more ›

CIC directs Registrar General of India to amend Birth and Death Certificate

Registrar General of India to amend Birth and Death CertificateUsing the powers vested under Section 19(8)(a)(iii), Central Information Commission directed the Commissioner Registrar General of India to review the Birth and Death certificate and issue suitable amendment to ensure information requirements of common man are met. When the RTI applicant showed the example to commission that earlier as far as 1991, there used to be all necessary columns in the death certificate and now those columns are missing after the revision of the format in the year 2000, the commission gave directions to Registrar General of India to amend Birth and Death Certificate. If you are interested in downloading various forms, please visit our developmental sister portal here.

The Birth and death certificate is an important document which are required at various places such as court, school and various day-to-day work. And by reduction in the column in both birth and death certificates, the common man are facing a lot of difficulties. Read more ›