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Don’t wait for the hearing Notice from CIC

hearing Notice from CICIf the information asked under RTI is available after the reply to RTI, the PIO should not wait for the second appeal to happen to give those documents, instead it should be provided to the RTI applicant immediately. The PIO has earlier furnished incomplete reply due to unavailability of the documents. However, subsequently he had the documents, but did not give to the RTI applicant for approximately a year. Instead it waited for the second appeal hearing at CIC for more than a year and then produced the documents in front of the CIC. If you have any question regarding RTI, please post at our forum here!

Central Information Commission directed the PIO that he should not wait until he receives the hearing notice from the commission. The commission directed the PIO to stick to this principle that as and when he is able to collect the information sought by the applicant, it should be provided to the applicant immediately. Read more ›

Vexatious and frivolous RTI are ground of denial

frivolous RTIAfter filing 30 applications on the same subject with different names but with the same handwriting, Central Information Commission came heavily by warning to desist from misusing the provisions of the RTI Act for settling his personal scores with the respondent. CIC further stated that “In case the appellant continues to prefer RTI applications which are vexatious and frivolous in nature with a view to disproportionately divert the resources of the public authority, then the PIO will be free to deny information under the provisions of section 7 (9) of the Act.”

It is certain that this variety of the vexatious and frivolous petitions is not going to serve the interest of the Right to Information ⎯ the self-serving, pious protestations of serial petitioners such as this one notwithstanding.

NDMC, the Respondent informed that appellant who has filed at least 30 RTI applications in different names with similar queries, having the same handwriting regarding pending payment of M/s Gyan Const Co. against work done by the agency. Read more ›

Can PIO direct inspection of records under RTI without knowing where the information is?

inspection of records under RTIThe Central Information commission consider such a case as denial of information. Asking the appellant for inspecting the records, does not serve any purpose because the Public Authority/PIO himself does not know where the information sought by the appellant, is available and it is not proper to expect an appellant, who is the wife of a deceased employee to find out information from the heap of files by inspecting the same. If you have any RTI Query, kindly post it at our forum here!

The appellant was seeking the entire data about the employees died in service and the compassionate appointments made in favor of the members of the deceased employees. The respondent officers say that a huge record is to be analyzed which is not in the compiled form. Read more ›