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Private Hospitals to give records of Patient on day-to-day basis


Private Hospitals to give records of Patient

Central Information Commission had recommended to force Private Hospitals to give records of Patient on day-to-day basis because this daily disclosure will prevent undesirable practices of altering records after damage caused to patient. Forcing the private hospitals to provide daily­wise medical records will also act as a check on some hospitals from resorting to extortionist, inhuman and ruthless business of prescribing unnecessary diagnostic tests, unnecessary surgical operations, caesarean deliveries, unwarranted angioplasties, inserting stents, without need, or of substandard nature, or putting low quality stent while collecting price of high quality stent, and several such malpractices amounting to medical terrorism, etc. You can read RTI Act here!

In a major achievement to this decision, Fortis Hospital was forced to provide certified copies of medical records, names and designation of Doctors who treated the patient and the copy of Medical registration of three Doctors who treated the patient.  Fortis Hospital provided the information through the Directorate of Health Services, Delhi. Read more ›