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Disseminating important decisions by CIC and various State Information Commissions in respect of Government of NCT of Delhi

Delhi Chief Minister and CMO playing Ping Pong with RTI Application

PING PONG RTIDelhi Government 38 Departments are allowing Ping Pong with RTI Applications, claims the RTI Applicant. A senior Citizen RTI Application asking for handicapped pension for his wife was transferred to 29 Public Information Officers (PIOs). Among those authorities, some of them transferred the application to each other.  The issue is in fact, multiple transfers of the RTI application from CM office to a number of PIOs, spending huge amount of money on the correspondence and yielding nothing.

Can Govt spend public money on such purposeless transfers? There appears to be a serious governance crisis as the appellant and the citizens similarly placed, are not getting any information under the RTI Act from Delhi Government, noted CIC.

Applicant stated that “When the question was nonpayment of pension, it is supposed to be decided by the office of the CM, and it cannot simply shirk its responsibility by transferring the RTI application to the MCD”.  Read more ›

Unauthorized construction and encroachment does not require clearance from any third party

Unauthorized construction and encroachmentWhile hearing the 2nd appeal, Central Information Commission decided that disclosure of information in relation to unauthorized construction and encroachment does not require clearance from any third party. The commission retreated that in a number of decisions, the CIC has held that when appellant seeks the sanctioned building plan of any third party, public authority should provide the (horizontal) sanction plan(s) of the properties of the Third Party by omitting the internal room arrangements in the plan(s). The external walls with openings and projections should be shown along with the Area Statement for all the floors which has been approved/ regularised. If you want to file RTI online, do read our guide here on how to file RTI Online.

Earlier NDMC has denied information by invoking section 8 (1) (j) of the RTI Act on the ground that the sanctioned building plan and other information sought in the RTI application is personal, while the Appellant stated that due to the unauthorised construction, extensive damage was caused to his house. Read more ›

CIC advice to Commissioner of Excise to have exact list of cable subscribers

list of cable subscribersThe Central Information Commission observes that in case cable operator gives wrong information about the number of subscribers, there is a possibility of loss of revenue to the Excise department. The Commission recommends the Public Authority to develop a mechanism to have exact list of cable subscribers so that tax is collected based on the exact no. of subscribers. Though it appears to be an information issue, it is also an issue of revenue. If you want to file RTI online, please visit out guide on how to file RTI Online here!

During the hearing, when queried as to why the list of subscribers was not furnished, the Commissioner of Excise Delhi submitted that they do not have such a list. When queried as to how they would assess the tax without verifying the list of subscribers, it was the submission of Respondent officer that they depend on MSOs for the information and tax assessment.

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