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PIO not to draw inferences or make assumptions to provide information

assumptions under RTIInformation Officer is not required to furnish information which require drawing of inferences and/or making of assumptions. In the decision Kerala HC – Mohd Saiyad Vs State, decided that though RTI Act provides access to all information that is available and existing, if the information sought is not a part of the record, and where such information is not required to be maintained under any law or the rules or regulations of the public authority, the Act does not cast any obligation, to collect such non-available information and then furnish it to an applicant.  

The Information Officer is also not required to furnish information which require drawing of inferences and/or making of assumptions.

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Right to vote and Right to Information of the “little” citizen is of profound significance in a democracy

right-to-voteCentral Information Commission came down heavily over Election Office for not providing details of Voter ID card stating that “It is clear that their inaction and non response to RTI application is violation of both of his rights- right to information and right to vote.”

Citing Krishak Bharti Cooperative Ltd. vs Ramesh Chander Bawa on 14th May, 2010, W.P. (C) 6129/2007, where the Honble Delhi High Court held:

Just as the right to vote of the “little” citizen is of profound significance in a democracy, so is the right to information. It is another small but potent key in the hands of India’s “little” people that can “unlock” and lay bare the internal workings of public authorities whose decisions affect their daily lives in myriad unknown ways…

The Election Office, which spends huge money for campaign for enrolment of voters, but does not prefer to inform the applicant for the voter card under RTI also.

Commission thinks that the Election Office machinery should have been responsive to voter card requirements and RTI applications.

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Stock and Sale Records of Ration in Delhi not online

nortiphotoDuring the time of digitization, Delhi Food and Supply Department still cannot put the details of Fair Price Shops online.  Department of Food and Supply of Delhi should disclose monthly stocks released to the Fair Price Shops (FPS) and the distribution of that stock along with the list of names of eligible ration card holders. This information should have been uploaded into the Public Domain and a hard copy of the same should have been displayed on the notice board of the Circle office and the respective ration shops.

However, in the RTI hearing at CIC, the department submitted that the stocks available at the respective ration shops are displayed at the ration shops and the record is also kept at their circle office. At present, there is no system of uploading the stocks and sale position of the respective Fair Price Shops in their Circle. Therefore in the RTI reply asking for rations issued by this shop, Copy of the master register/daily sale register/inspection register etc the authority had asked the appellant to deposit Rs.2,808/towards costs for supplying the copies of information. You can read and find about how many requests we receive at our forum regarding ration cards here. One of the oldest cards of Government of India still faces digitisation blues, during the time when you have Aadhar cards, NPR and PAN cards. If you are interested in filing RTI for ration card, visit our website which explains how to become RTI Activist and also take help from our Forum active members.

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