Access to information under RTI Act is the rule and exemptions the exception

While hearing the second appeal, Central Information Commission observed that “Access to information, under Section 3 of the Act, is the rule and exemptions the exception“. The information can be denied only if it is exempt as per the provisions of Section 8 or Section 9 of the RTI Act. Further, while denying information the authority […]

You cannot write RTI on Rotomac

An RTI applicant which sought information RTI on Rotomac Pvt Ltd, the amount of income tax paid by them since establishment and related issues was shot down by CIC on the premises that disclosure by a person in his Income Tax Returns are ‘personal information’ which stands exempt from disclosure u/s 8(1)(j) of the RTI Act. However, […]

Can RTI break the wife locker

CIC refused attempt by husband to get hold of information about his wife’s locker. Earlier the Public Information Officer (PIO) and First Appellate Authority (FAA) has denied the information citing section 8(1)(d), (e) and (j) of the RTI Act, as he is the third party. The appellant referred to his RTI application of 02.05.2012 and […]