Information Commissioner to pay costs of Rs 1 lakh for filing a frivolous petition

In the first case of its kind, an Information Commissioner has been directed to pay costs of Rs 1 lakh by the Apex Court for filing a frivolous petition. This judgment has wide ramifications for the transparency movement in the country. 

Oral Directions to Civil Servants

Where the fear of APAR is there, does a junior officer ever get a chance to record that superior officer has given the directions? Even if superior officer gives oral directions, it is actually imbibed by junior officer as his own noting. Both All India Civil Service Rules and Central Civil Service Rules covering most of […]

MP and MLA now as Information Commissioners

The Supreme Court recalled its own order – which would have brought sweeping changes in the functioning of the RTI machinery allowed MP and MLA now as Information Commissioners. The Supreme Court stated that as the judgment under review suffers from mistake of law we recall the directions and declarations in the judgment under review. Secondly, SC […]