Storage of Income Tax records are in outdated format- CIC was informed

On a second appeal hearing filed in reference to leakages of Confidential Data filed by the Tax Payer,  it was observed that maintaining the privacy, the record keeping in the public authority as explained by the Income Tax Department was in an outdated format and not upgraded utilizing the modern technological tools.

Commission after considering the gravity and seriousness of the issues raised by the Appellant, found that there is an emergent requirement to investigate the root cause of the leakages of Confidential Data filed by the Tax Payers and plug the loopholes forthwith. The commission asked Pr. CCIT to investigate the matter considering that it is essential to protect the Confidential Financial Data filed by millions of Tax Payers from falling into wrong hands in the larger public interest. 

Income Tax records are in outdated format

The Appellant Mr. Badal Satapathy stated during the hearing that his income tax returns for several years were provided to the Third Party without his consent. It was submitted that he had brought to the notice of the Income Tax Department by submitting documentary evidence about few serious threats/ loopholes in their computerized data storage system, leveraging which few scrupulous employees of the department were selling highly confidential financial data of Indian Citizens/ Tax Payers to third parties without the knowledge of the tax payer or any Court Orders.

The decision can be downloaded here: Badal Satapathy-Income-tax-rti

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  1. Very True. This is why a nine judge Constitutional bench has observed that “Right to Privacy” is an inbuilt right of a citizen. A personal Information provided by the citizen is for limited purpose & must ask him at every stage if divulged for some other purpose

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