RTI Activist safety at only 41 Paisa

Post boxIn what could be a relief to thousands of RTI Activist and Information seekers, Kolkata high court has allowed use of post box in filing RTI which shall enable contact of a user with the authority without revealing personal details of the information seeker. You do not need to worry about your safety when Post Box is there. Also you do not need anybody else to file RTI on your behalf. DoPT in its circular dated 8th January 2014 has forwarded the circular to all ministries to allow the use of Post Box as a valid communication medium between an applicant and authority. The circular is available here!

41 Paisa per day, secure your privacy each day”, and avail the Post Box from India Post. In what could be a game changer there would be heavy demand for Post boxes across India to avail the near anonymous RTI filing. Post Box is available at Rs. 150/- per year on rent and any citizen can request to his nearest postmaster to avail this facility. Once you avail this facility, you address shall be only your name, PO Box number, Post Office Name and PIN code. Your real address shall be hidden and authorities cannot verify the address of yours, though they can communicate to you easily.

Section 6 (2) of the RTI Act states that:

“(2) An applicant making request for information shall not be required to give any reason for requesting the information or any other personal details except those that may be necessary for contacting him.”

RTI Activist safety at only 41 Paisa

High court of Kolkata stated that

“when the legislature thought it fit, the applicant need not disclose any personal details, the authority should not insist upon his detailed whereabouts, particularly when Post Box number is provided for that would establish contact with him and the authority.”

The High court asked Secretary DOPT to circulate this to all concerned and to take appropriate measure to hide information with regards to personal details of the Activist to avoid any harassment by the person having vested interest.

We have a detailed article on Post Box which shall clarify all the doubts about using it at our sister portal nationalconcerns.com here: What is Post Box? Kindly download the article here and spread this information: Here is the direct link to downloading the article.

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  1. Post Office may keep record of the address of the person at the time of renting the Post Box . Many buckle under duress . The information is adequate enough to the Goons to watch and catch who ever opens the Post Box. This is not vouch safe for long.( Hindustan Times New Delhi Jul 08, 2015 news- 10 yrs of RTI act:39 activists dead, 275 assalted.) God save the RTI activists

    1. Good suggestion and Post Office should keep such record of the address of the person at the time of renting the Post Box .