Change of Ration Card shopWhile hearing the case and issuing compensation and show cause notice, the Central Information Commission also recommended to the Public Authority, Food & Supply Dept., GNCTD Delhi to develop a mechanism by which ration cardholders are informed about the change of shop in advance so that they are not put to undue hardship. If you are looking to understand how to file RTI Online, use this Guide of our’s to learn about it.

The Commission with the powers vested under section 19(8)(b) of the RTI Act directs the Public Authority to compensate a sum of Rs.400/­ to the Appellant for the loss he suffered due to non­receipt of information within the stipulated time period. The then PIO was also directed to show­ cause as to why penalty under Section 20 should not be imposed upon him for non­ furnishing of information within the mandatory time­ period.

Change of shop in advance

Earlier, the First Appellate authority has passed the order stating that “It is understood that the said information has not been handed over to the Appellant personally and the same has not reached him so far. Further, it appears that the requisite information has been supplied to the Appellant beyond the time prescribed under RTI Act which is highly despicable and regrettable. …………..It should be noted by the PIO that in future the requisite information be supplied to the Appellant within time prescribed under RTI Act. Further it reveals that the communication sent to the Appellant is not specific and point wise. It is directed that point wise and specific information would be supplied to the Appellant within ten days of receipt of this order after charging the requisite fees from him as the information sought by the Appellant is voluminous.’”

However, no action was taken by the PIO and the applicant finally filed the second appeal with the Central Information Commission.

The Decision can be read here: Dhaniram Goyal Vs Food and Supply Department GNCTD

You can discuss this decision at our forum here! This is an extract of the decision available on the CIC public website, and is meant for generating interest in our readers only. For the true detailed and authentic copy you must download the decision from the CIC website!

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