New PIO doesn't know who the earlier PIO wasIn the case of Mr. Prem Raj Vs. Food & Supply, Delhi, Central Information Commission had directed the PIO to explain why penalty u/s 20(1) should not be imposed for not complying with the FAA order within the mandatory time period prescribed by the said order. The PIO and FAA during that time got transferred. The new PIO is not in a position to tell who the PIO was,  reflecting pathetic conditions. (If you want to file RTI Online follow our new guide to file RTI online)

CIC directed to clarify who was the concerned PIO at the time of FAA order and send the Show Cause Notice to that PIO, who has to explain why penalty cannot be imposed on him, within 21 days from date of receipt of this order.

New PIO doesn’t know who the earlier PIO was

The PIO, Mr. T.N.Meena, Deptt. Food & Supply, GNCTD present during the hearing, submitted that he was not the PIO at the time of filing of the RTI application and the FAA order thereon. Hence he shall not be punished under the RTI Act and penalty should not be imposed on him. In his capacity as present PIO, he has a responsibility to transmit the Show Cause Notice of this Commission to the concerned PIO, who was functioning on the date of RTI application (whether it was Shri Shakti Bangar or Shri Pankaj Sud or any other officer).

Citation: Mr. Prem Raj Vs. Food & Supply, Delhi 

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  1. when an official is transferred the files handled by him will have to be handed over to his successor either by the officer or by the office. It can be known from the files who was handling the case. The new PIO must have forwarded the CIC’s memo to the previous PIO or while attending the hearing he must have come prepared to state who his predecessor was.
    I also want to know whether the comments have any impact to rectify the system and if so how and who does it? If only a reply is received, it would be of meaning in spending time to post a comment. Thank you.