mcd public toiletsAll public toilets at MCD, Delhi jurisdiction should have the information on their walls/boards in Hindi Language whereby the users would be able to identify the facilities available and the charges if need to be paid any. Therefore, CIC under its powers under Section 19(8)(a)(iii) of the RTI Act has directed MCD that the following information must be painted on the Walls/Boards on the public toilets (prominently): It is also in conformance with the requirements of Section (1)(b)(xvii). (Please read the guide here to file RTI Online)

1. Charges for using the toilet for different categories.
2. Timings for the opening and closing of the toilet.
3. Contact details (including mobile number) of the agency responsible for operation and maintenance of the toilet.
4. Name and contact details of the caretaker of the toilet.
5. Facilities available for users in the toilet complex.
6. Name, designation and contact of the authority for redressal of grievances/lodging complaints related to the functioning of the public toilet.
7. Availability of complaint register.
8. Copy of the MoU/agreement on the website.

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Not painting of information on walls of Public Toilets by MCD irks CIC

The RTI applicant earlier had submitted that through her RTI application dt.31­12­2012, she had sought information about the toilets present in the Jagadamba camp – regarding the name of the contractor who has been given for their maintenance, what are the timings, what extra amount has to be paid if a family is having more than five members, etc. Claiming non­ satisfaction over the information furnished by the respondent authority, the appellant filed 2nd appeal before the Commission.

Various officials involved in MCD have not implemented the decision of painting the walls/ boards on public toilets, and CIC issued show cause notice to (1) Director­in­ Chief, DEMS, MCD, (2) Engineer­-in-­Chief, Engineering Department, MCD and (3) The CEO, Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board, why penalty cannot be imposed on them for not implementing the Commission’s order, as complained by the appellant.

Citation: Ms.Bandana Vs. Delhi Urban Shelter Improve­ ment Board, New Delhi 

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