GPS Tracking of Auto Rickshaw

GPS tracking of auto rickshaw

GPS tracking of auto rickshaw

The Delhi High Court has ordered GPS tracking of auto rickshaw in Delhi and printers in their vehicle (read the court order-gps-judgment).For the same, Delhi Integrated Multi Modal Transport Systems (DIMTS), a joint operation between IDFC and the NCR government has been authorized to provide auto-rickshaws in Delhi a GPS / GPRS, two way communication device, and a printer for printing of receipt, among other equipment.

Auto-rickshaws in Delhi will have to pay Rs 13,500 upfront for the GPS and printer, according to a report by The Economic Times.

How will GPS tracking of auto rickshaw System help earn more from each auto-rickshaw? An Auto Rickshaw Perspective:

  • You will know exactly how much money is being collected by the driver in the rickshaw/tuk-tuk.
  • You will track and know the actual current location of your rickshaw…you can immobilize it in case of theft
  • You passengers will trust your service more because they will get printed bills.
  • You will increase the number of passengers as they can claim company refunds with their printed bills.

Allowing State Transport Authority (STA) argument that the GPS tracking of auto rickshaw would be fitted into the auto-rickshaws to ensure security to passengers, the Bench said: “As far as explanation given by the respondent STA of the revised conditions being in the interest of security is concerned, the Ranga and Billa case, in which the auto rickshaw/taxi driver had driven two siblings, barely of age, to a lone spot and attempted to outrage the modesty of the girl and upon resistance killed them still sends shivers down the spine of Delhiites.”

Though autorickshaw unions initially resisted the move and took out strikes, complaining that the cost of the device was too high, they came around after the government re-worked the mode of payment. Though the GPS device still costs Rs 7,500, autorickshaw driver now have the option of paying instalments of just Rs 625 per month, a figure that’s inclusive of maintenance fees.

GPS tracking of auto rickshaw

The revised conditions for grant of permit to Auto Rickshaw now include:

  • auto rickshaws to be fitted with GPS / GPRS, two way communication device, printer for printing of receipt
  • make the permit holder / driver responsible for keeping the GPS / GPRS and receipt printing device and other equipment so installed in operational condition and to bear the cost of repair / replacement in the event of loss, willful/accidental damage, theft etc.
  • auto rickshaws to be made available for inspection/repair to the vendors, as authorized by DIMTS, within 24 hours of lodging of complaint regarding theft, loss, damage etc.
  • auto rickshaws should installed from DIMTS/authorized vendor a panic button near the passenger sitting area and providing communication with a Central Command Centre set up by the DIMTS and statutory authorities.
  • auto rickshaw driver should issue a receipt of payment of the fare to the customer through the equipment installed.
  • permit holder should bear the cost of paper roll to be utilized in the printing system for issuance of fare receipt and make non issuance of receipt a violation of the permit condition.
  • require all owners/permit holders to deposit an amount of Rs 15,000 per year at the time of fitness
  • all drivers should take the passenger to their destination through the shortest route.

“Children and girls hesitate from travelling in an auto rickshaw for the fear of being placed under the control of the auto rickshaw driver. We do not find anything wrong in the decision of the respondent STA in this scenario to provide for GPS tracking of auto rickshaw and printing devices so as to regulate their plying thereof,” the Bench said.

GPS tracking of auto rickshaw could come handy in providing accurate information on directions. Even cost of travel can be calculated and relayed to passengers before they hire an auto. “This will avoid altercations between auto drivers and passengers which has become common now. Secondly, there will be no room for any kind of offence and it will also become easy for police officials to track down autos”. The current taxi fares can be seen here!

Complainant submitted RTI application dated 04 April 2011 before the PIO/Pollution Control Officer­ Secretariat, Transport Department, Under Hill Road, New Delhi seeking information related to the instalment of GPS devices in auto rickshaws and other matters through multiple points.

The CIC Decision:

CPIO   is   directed   to   obtain   one   unit   of   the GPS/GRPS   device   together   with   other related/attached   equipment   such   as   printer, paper   roll   etc.   And allow   the   appellant   to inspect the same free of cost for a period of two   hours.     In   case   the   appellant   wishes   to retain   the   equipment,   he   can   do   so after depositing the cost of the equipment with the public authority.


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