rti-is-my-hobbyCan one make RTI as a hobby? Especially when there is no public interest? In the hearing at Central Information Commission, an RTI applicant stated that ‘Filing RTI is my hobby, and there is no public interest in those RTI”.

CIC came heavily on to the applicant and stated that such hobby of filing RTI without any public interest causes loss of both time and energy of the Government and it causes disproportionate diversion of the resources of the public authority. (Clause 7 (9) of the RTI Act 2005)

CIC warned the applicant not to waste time and resources of the public authority, or else Central Information Commission shall not take cognisance of such appeal or complaint.

RTI is my hobby

Earlier, the RTI applicant has filed 11 applications with 15 to 23 points each related to log books of the Government and Private vehicles of Prasar Bharti, Hissar. When CIC asked why this information is required and what is the public interest involved in such RTI, the applicant stated that he is posted in Agriculture university Haryana and asking such information from All India Radio is his hobby and there is no public interest but only his personal interest.

The decision is available in Hindi at the CIC website here: Sh. Chandrabhan Didhoria Vs Prasar Bharti, Hissar

You can discuss this decision at our forum here! This is an extract of the decision available on the CIC public website, and is meant for generating interest in our readers only. For the true detailed and authentic copy you must download the decision from the CIC website!

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  1. The public interest in the information sought by RTI PMO Railway Section 7 ( 1 ) within the ordered letter pending in DLW , Varanasi

  2. Information seeker under RTI don’t need to disclose the intention or reason of needing the information, the pio can”t ask the reason why you need the information, can the information commissioner ask the reason, the information commissioner looking into has the information been provided or not when into probing the motive behind,
    If the info is available give it , if every information asked for is questioned will it not be discouraging RTI , when ever i approached any PIO he to ask why RTI we can give info without this & end up giving misguided or half info he is not other to help but to divert people from not filing the RTI