Agriculture Ministry unaware of Bokaro District Industrial Co­operative Federation

Central Public Information Officer, Department of Agriculture & Cooperation, Krishi Bhawan, New Delhi is unaware of Bokaro District Industrial Co­operative Federation Limited which promised employment by taking Rs 1000/- from thousands of persons under the Multi­ State Co­operative Societies Act, 2002. bokaroAgri Ministry submitted that they were not aware of the existence of Bokaro District Industrial Co­operative Federation Limited as it was not registered with them.

As per the Multi­ State Co­operative Societies Act, 2002, a cooperative is registered only if the the proposed multi-state cooperative society satisfies the basic criterion that its objects are to serve the interests of members in more than one state;

The Act states that:

Multi-state cooperative societies which may be registered
(1) No multi-state cooperative society shall be registered under this  Act, unless,
(a) its main objects are to serve the interests of members in more  than one state; and
(b) its bye-laws provide for social and economic betterment of its members through self-help and mutual aid in accordance with the cooperative principles.

The RTI applicant had submitted that he was a member of the Bokaro District Industrial Co­operative Federation Limited. He further submitted that he was amongst a thousand persons who had paid Rs. 1000/­ each to the Bokaro District Industrial Co­operative Federation Limited and had been promised employment. He had also undergone training of a week at the above Federation in 2008. However, he had neither received any certificate regarding the training that he had undergone; nor had he been given any employment.

They further submitted that under the Multi­State Co­operative Societies Act, 2002, they could not look into the day to day functioning of even those Societies that were registered with them. They, therefore, pleaded their inability to address the grievance of the Appellant or provide information

The appeal was filed in front of Sh. Sharat Sabharwal, Information Commissioner who heard the appeal and decided that “In so far as the RTI application is concerned, we are satisfied that it has been responded to in keeping with the provisions of the RTI Act, 2005 and no further action is pending on it. ”

Decision: File No. CIC/LS/A/2013/001521/SH Date of decision: 28th January 2014
(Sharat Sabharwal), Information Commissioner
Name of the Appellant :  Shri Bharat Singh, Dist. Bokaro, Jharkhand­ Vs Central Public Information Officer, Department of Agriculture &  Cooperation, Krishi Bhawan, New Delhi 


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